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Pinball Deluxe is a Digital Pinball Table arcade for mobile phones by Made of Bits. It features several tables:

  • The Great Carnival Extravaganza
  • Space Frontier
  • BRIX
  • Wild West
  • Fastball
  • Treasure Hunt
  • The Apparatus
  • Tradewind (a DLC released in 2020)
  • Jukebox (a bonus game unlocked by beating certain challenges accross all other games excluding Tradewind)
  • Baga Ball (Bagatelle, the bonus mode)

Tropes appearing in Pinball Deluxe:
  • Advanced Ancient Humans: The Aparatus's backstory is that it could be either technology from the ancient egyptians, space aliens, or both.
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  • Asteroid Mining: an objective in Space Frontier, represented by a cluster of pins.
  • Baseball Episode: Fastball.
  • Black Box: The plot of Apparatus is that the pinball table is an Unusual User Interface for a peice of ancient/extraterrestrial technology that nobody quite knows what it's meant to do.
  • Breaking Out: BRIX, which uses Breakout tiles instead of pins, and randomly-appearing portals to discharge multiballs
  • Crappy Carnival: The Great Carnival Extravaganza has the basic fairground, and two attractions: a haunted house and a house of mirrors. An arcade is mentioned, but consists of a return track.
  • Game Mod: In-Universe, you gain modificatiins for your tables by winning them from the slot machine.
  • Pirate Booty: The plot of Treasure Hunter
  • Refining Resources: The object of Tradewind is to collect resources, such as lumber and grain, and refine them into furniture and bread. Fish are shipped as-is, though.
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  • Space Opera: Space Frontier
  • Updated Re Release: Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded.
  • The Western: Wild West, if the title didn't give it away already.
  • Wooden Ships and Iron Men: The plot of Tradewind is thst you're governor of a prosperous tropical colony and trying to ship the islands bounty home to England. Pirates chasing your ship is represented by a special mode.

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