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Video Game / Phantom Legacy

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Much has changed in the years since the Old Gods have perished.

The world continues it's slow descent into oblivion, arbiters of the old order continue their struggle from the shadows, and the nations of the world, formerly oblivious to the Eldritch powers that bore this crisis, begin to harness it's potential for their own gain.

Nero, a man born from such strange powers is thrust into a world of ancient battles, New Gods, and an all powerful enigma who watches over all from his very subconscious.


The long awaited conclusion to the cult classic RPG Maker game; Demon Legacy.

Can be downloaded here:

Phantom Legacy has these tropes:

  • Artificial Human: Nero is a doll created by a scientist.
  • Big-Bad Ensemble: Shadar is once again one of the main antagonists and the other one is Malakai.
  • The Bus Came Back: Every main character of Demon Legacy is seen here as well.
  • Sequel: Phantom Legacy is the sequel to Demon Legacy.

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