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Video Game / Paul And Percy

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Paul and Percy are two Quintessential British Gentlemen living in the fifth dimension. Another day of leisure enjoying a Spot of Tea is rudely interrupted when a mysterious villain absconds with their biscuits. Directed by their friend Carl who just happens to be outside hiding in a bush and is Most Definitely Not The Thief, they take off in Hot Pursuit of the scoundrel, occasionally seeking advice from Carl... who for some reason seems to be getting fatter every time they meet him.


A Teamwork Puzzle Game by Kipper Digital, each level is split vertically with each side rotated 90 degress so that "down" is toward the center divide. Paul and Percy start on opposite sides, and they must each reach their respective exit portal to progress. Portals are often up too high for one or the other to reach, but some blocks can be pushed to make platforms and stairways. In addition, movable blocks can be pushed down through the center, allowing the two to pass needed blocks back and fourth, or for one to push a whole stack through to act as an "elevator" for the other. There are also weird and whimsical lifeforms that can assist in various ways.

Can be played in your browser or on the iPad.


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