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A Third-Person Shooter-MOBA/Hero Shooter made by Epic Games of Unreal Tournament fame, running on the Unreal Engine 4. Has a character page.

On January 25th 2018, it was announced that Epic Games was shutting Paragon down due to low playercount.

Paragon provides examples of:

  • An Adventurer Is You: But rather than putting characters into broad, general roles, Paragon has "traits" that certain heroes possess that give specific definitons of their kits and playstyle:
    • Assassin: Very good at 1v1'ing lone enemies that are caught alone and/or in a vulnerable position.
    • Attacker: Deal sustained damage per second (dps) with powerful basic attacks.
    • Burst: Deal large chunks of damage from abilities, in contrast to Attackers.
    • Controllers: Possess lots of crowd control (CC) and other abilites that disrupt, displace, or just generally harass enemies.
    • Durable: Have lots of health, resistances, and means of quickly healing themselves up.
    • Elusive: Highly mobile and capable of getting out of fights should they turn out of your favor.
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    • Ganker: Able to safely secure kills on enemies in the early stages of a game.
    • Initiator: Very good at getting into fights and can easily tip battles in your favor, in contrast to elusive heroes.
    • Marauders: Have attacks and abilities that scale in power with items, giving them immense power in the late game and usually securing kills and victories (carrying)
    • Sieger: Capable of killing minion waves easily (farm) and assaulting enemy towers even in early stages of a game (pushing).
    • Wild: Very good at clearing neutral minion camps that spawn between lanes in the early game (jungling)
    • Zoner: Capable of controlling spaces that either limit enemy choices or give you more options (usually both)
  • Color-Coded Wizardry: Items are made as cards, which in turn are split into the five Affinities: Order (White), Knowledge (Blue), Death (Purple), Chaos (Red), and Growth (Green).
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  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Oh yes. Characters range from interstellar soldiers using futuristic guns to wizards throwing around magic.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: increasingly averted over time. True, very little is still known about the majority of the characters outside of 3 facts per each and the occasional fun fact on loading screens; but at the moment of writing, there're two official short stories released about Countess and Phase (the latter featuring Shinbi as well). With the cancellation of the main game, more lore is unlikely to be released, however voice lines have been datamined from the games files (The game was technically in beta for its whole existence, so voice lines were never implemented) which can offer some more minor insight into the characters.

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