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Video Game / Orly's Draw-a-Story

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"Just go ahead and click on whatever you want to do."
Edutainment Game created by Brøderbund Software in The '90s.

In Westmoreland, Jamaica, an imaginative girl named Orlando (everyone calls her Orly) lives with her family and friends. She often has incredible imaginary adventures with her frog friend, Lancelot. Within the program itself, children draw the many elements of Orly's stories.

The stories include:

  • The Ugly Troll People: Lancelot thinks he's ugly, and Orly tells a story about two ugly troll sisters to cheer him up.
  • One Big Wish: Orly tries to save Lancelot from a flying creature.
  • The Strange Princess: Orly and Lancelot travel with a funny-looking little man to a faraway land where a princess is in distress.
  • Lancelot, Bug Eater: Orly tries to convince Lancelot to spare one bug he was going to eat.

There is also a storybook creator and a doodle pad.

The program can still be found in some educational software packs.




Ugly Troll People:


One Big Wish:

  • Genie in a Bottle: Or rather, in a trinket. Lancelot's trinket genie granted his wish of a friend, and that's how he met Orly.

Strange Princess:

  • Animorphism: The strange princess loves frogs, but every frog she kisses turns into a handsome prince. When she accidentally kisses the funny-looking little man, he turns into a frog permanently, giving them both their wishes.
  • Gonk: The funny-looking little man, unless he isn't.

Bug Eater: