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Nitronic Rush is a freeware racing game where you drive a car in a colorful, futuristic environment. The (short) story revolves around Nitronic City, where a CORE was built to protect and serve the city until it had gone corrupt. You, the player, drive the Interceptor—a top of the line anti-virus car—to destroy the CORE and restore the city to its original state. The game is fairly short, but it includes its share of harder levels such as Hardcore, requiring the player to master advanced tricks such as wall hopping, Challenge levels that require you to beat it in one go, Old levels from early development, community levels to add to the hardcore ones, and a stunt mode that lets you drive around open areas, setting a high score for stunts rather than a low time. It's also a game made by students at Digipen, a college studio quite famous for their students' older works such as Narbacular Drop (the precursor to Portal).


The developers have also made a spiritual successor called Distance, featuring the same great gameplay and style, but with new tweaks and a multiplayer component.

This work provides examples of:

  • Car Fu: One of the in-game achievements makes reference to this trope. ("I Know Car Fu") To earn it, you have to defeat an enemy vehicle (which there are very few in this game) by ramming it with your car.
    • It's also one of the things the announcer says after a trick combo.
  • Cool Car: And it glows!
    • The Interceptor: Main car of the game
    • Avenger: A nitronic van.
    • Commander: The DeLorean clone.
    • Goldenceptor: The bling literally keeps it cool, as in, it can never overheat.
  • Cyberspace
  • Easter Egg: In one of the tracks, you could follow a purple road that will lead you to a small section where you could just have some fun and do some tricks.note 
  • Extreme Sport Excuse Plot: A virus has infected the tron world, and you have to solve it by driving really fast and doing tricks.
    • In the words of Dez: "Everything got cyber-fucked."
  • Flying Car: Your car can spread wings and fly for a short period of time before it overheats.
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  • Large Ham: The game's announcer with his mixture of various decades' catchphrases, especially The '90s.
  • Nitro Boost: As an ability and boost pad variation.
  • Scenery Porn: And everything glows just like your car!
    • It gets even better, some of the scenery and especially your car, pulsates the glow to the music.
  • Shout-Out: Double Rainbow is one of the tricks one can make.
    • Since the game involves you doing cool tricks with your car, one of the achievements in the game had to be, yes, "Do a Barrel Roll".
    • Some could also see this game as a Spiritual Successor to San Francisco Rush, particularly 2049. They also created a remake of the "Gauntlet" level from 2049 as a tribute.
    • When crashing, the announcer might yell "It keeps happening!"
    • The fourth update introduced the Commander, a clone of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future (and it flies, too!).
    • There's also the Nitro Tunnel in the hardcore levels, quite possibly a reference to the just as hard Turbo Tunnel.
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    • The description for the challenges is "Lots of sawblades and lots of death. Sound Familar?"
    • And if you know where to look on one of the tracks, you'll spot a certain website's alien mascot.
    • One of the names for the achievables is Bleep Bloop.
  • Spiritual Successor: To the San Francisco Rush series, particularly 2049.

  • Title Scream: Just like in its inspiration: "3, 2, 1, RUSH!"
    • Also happens when the game is started.
  • Tron Lines: This game could fit right into the Tron universe.
    • Some of the offline high scores you can see have the names TRN and CLU.
  • Variable Mix: The music's instrumentation changes on whatever you are doing. Boosting, jumping, flying and even overheating add something to the main mix. Entering a tunnel gives you a speaker effect (no bass, all treble) as well.


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