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Ninja Outbreak is a Retraux Survival Horror Video Game by Renegade Sector Games.

The year is 196X, and in a Soviet research facility on the planet Venus, something has gone wrong. The top secret Super Soldier experiment they've been working on, "Project RASPUTIN", has escaped containment and begun infecting everyone there. Symptoms of infection include increased dexterity and combat abilities, but also increased aggression and a tendency towards irrational violence. Anyone attacked by these "Ninjas" as they have been dubbed, soon starts experiencing the same symptoms. The whole station has been placed on lockdown to prevent further spread of the infection.

Only one person has managed to escape. Now he needs to find a way to escape.

The game was released to Steam on September 20th, 2015.


Ninja Outbreak contains examples of:

  • Apocalyptic Log: You will find your share of these courtesy of staff who came before you.
  • Crate Expectations: There are crates in the game you need to break to get to whatever they're blocking.
  • Handgun: You find one in the first level. It takes five shots to take out a ninja.
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: There are differently-coloured doors in the game, each of which needs a corresponding key to unlock it.
  • Life Meter: Yours has four rectangles.
  • Retraux: The game is done in 8-bit style, and the noise is done in chip tune.
  • Save Point: These are represented by a circle of red and green light on the floor. They can be activated by walking over them.
  • Suspiciously Cracked Wall: These exist in the game. Break them open to gain access to shortcuts.
  • Three-Quarters View: The game is viewed from above this way.
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  • The 'Verse: The game shares the same setting as Renegade Sector Games previous game, Venusian Vengeance.
  • Wrench Whack: The first weapon you can get is a wrench. It can kill a crawler in two hits.