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Video Game / Ninja Gaiden (Arcade)

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  • Air Jousting: Ryu takes out a draw (i.e., killed the mook) in the Arcade intro of Ninja Gaiden in this manner.
  • BFS: Bladamus, the final boss in the unjustly-overlooked arcade original had a pair of these.
  • Color-Coded Multiplayer: This game has Player 1 as a blue ninja and Player 2 as a red ninja. While neither character are actually identified in the game, Ryu Hayabusa (the main character in the NES version) wears a blue ninja outfit, while his father Ken wears a similar red outfit, matching the colors of the two player characters (leading some fans to speculate that the events depicted in the arcade version is a mission that Ryu and Ken Hayabusa went through before the events of the NES series).
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  • Playboy Bunny: Several appear in the casino Ryu played in.

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