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Video Game / Neuordnung Dark Days

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Logo of Neuordnung: Dark Days
Neuordnung: Dark Days is a total overhaul mod simulating a world where Germany wins the European Theatre.

The year is 1949. In this timeline, the European Axis almost has a total monopoly over European politics. Barely any even attempt to resist the sheer power. The far-right leagues, parties, ideologies, and politicians clamp down on any who share thoughts against their will and assert their dominance.

In North America, the United States and her president, Henry Wallace, try their best to launch resistance groups, operate in Europe, and end the autocracy that clouds Europe. In East Asia, Japan recovers from the war that ravaged their economy, society, and military. America's influence may have helped or her warmongering military have destroyed it.

The idea of another war deadlier than humankind can imagine seems distant and far away, even to many politicians. However, as the cards draw, you may destroy the world into oblivion.



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