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You know the Evil Sorcerer? The dark magus who has dealt with a God of Evil for mystical and temporal might, and now seeks to turn all under his influence into Mordor?

Wouldn't it be awesome to play as him?

Such is the basic premise of Nekro, an upcoming game currently in open beta, and even better, you don't have to feel bad about it! You are the titular Nekromancer, an undead alchemist betrayed by his King. Caught in a horrifying half-life, the Nekro sets out both for revenge against his former liege and to cut the link between their life forces before his tower is destroyed, preventing him from reconstructing his body...which would leave his mind intact.


An Action RPG/Real-Time Strategy game with Simulation Game elements (explicitly compared to Dungeon Keeper by its developers), part of Nekro's draw is its heavy emphasis on Randomly Generated Levels, with even the campaign map differing from game to game, and Random Events that may greatly aide or hinder the Nekro in his quest, perhaps even both.

Nekro provides examples of:

  • Anti-Villain: Ultimately, the Nekro just wants to die, and he has quite legitimate reason for hating the King.
  • Death Seeker: That would be you.
  • Evil Overlord: Both the Nekro and the King, though the latter hides it well.
  • Randomly Generated Levels: Combined with Random Events, a large part of the game's design is built around this, even in the campaign mode.
  • The Undead: Your main minions. Part of the main game is figuring out what you can make from what enemies, and how that influences your battle plan.

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