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A series of Shoot 'em Ups made by Shin'en (FAST Racing League and Jett Rocket). Nano Assault, for the Nintendo 3DS, was released on retail in North America in 2011, but later saw an Updated Re-release worldwide on the 3DS eShop called Nano Assault EX in late 2013. Nano Assault Neo was an exclusive eShop launch title for the Wii U, but eventually it too got an Updated Re-release for the PlayStation 4 as Nano Assault Neo X.

Nano Assault mixes up twin-stick gameplay with Star Fox-like sequences, while Neo has a more developed score system and "F-Zero in a tube"-like bonus rounds.

The FAST Racing series has a Shared Universe with this series, using a lot of locations and brand names from this game.

Nano Assault provides examples of:

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