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Melody's Escape is a music-player game available for purchase on Steam, released on 20 May, 2016. Very similar to Vib-Ribbon in terms of gameplay, the player must hit the correct buttons at the right time in order to navigate obstacles on Melody's path. Levels are generated based on what music track is used - the game comes with some pre-set tracks, but you can also use your own.

There are also light orbs of different colours, which can be exploded by pressing the correct "colour" button at the right time to get points and change Melody's colour scheme.

Melody's Escape provides examples of:

  • Auto-Scrolling Level: Every level is this. The speed Melody moves at depends on the speed of the song, ranging from a sedate walk to flying with boosters in her feet/shoes, but she's always moving.
  • The Blank: Melody doesn't have any visible facial features. Unlike most uses of this trope, however, it's not portrayed as disturbing.
  • Fembot: Melody might be one of these, given that she apparently has rocket boosters in her feet.
  • Game Mod: The Steam Workshop lets you download custom backgrounds, color themes, and/or skins for Melody.
  • Gameplay Automation: Autoplay mode gives control of Melody to the computer, so you can see what a level looks like without having to play it yourself.
  • Harder Than Hard: Overload difficulty, in which you have to press both the correct "direction" button and "colour" buttons to navigate obstacles.
    • Overload also doubles the BPM of most tracks, includes a lot more notes than just the beat, & makes the timing more strict. The other difficulties won't prepare you for it.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: The difficulty levels are:
    • Relaxing (Relaxing gameplay, only one "colour" button per intensity section).
    • Medium (Only requires the 4 "colour" buttons to play).
    • Intense (The complete gameplay experience! Requires "colour" buttons for orbs but "DIRECTION" buttons for solid obstacles).
    • Overload (If you're looking for a hardcore experience. Press the corresponding "direction" and "colour" buttons simultaneously for solid obstacles).
    • You can also make a Custom difficulty, in which you can change the difficulty of individual aspects such as input method and input timing window.
  • Jet Pack: If Melody isn't a Fembot, then she has rocket boots.
  • Never Trust a Title: Melody is the girl's name, but she isn't escaping from anything. (Or if she is, we don't see it). It might be a reference to how she's using music as an "escape".
  • No Plot? No Problem!: There's no story. It's just a game where you play levels generated by your own music collection. This does not stop the game being fun at all.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: Melody either has these (specifically of the Rocket Boots variety), or she's a Fembot with rocket boosters in her feet.
  • Source Music: Melody is ostensibly listening to the music you're playing on her headphones.