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Video Game / Mastaba Snoopy

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You are in a maze of twisty little Charlie Browns, all alike.

Mastaba Snoopy is an Interactive Fiction game created in 2012. It was made with the Twine authoring system by an anonymous author known as "gods17". It is based on Peanuts... in much the same way as Dead Bart is based on The Simpsons.

The premise is this: A shapeshifting alien, by accident, stumbles upon a book of Peanuts comics and interprets it as "protocol for human interaction". It then proceeds to enact said protocol... by consuming the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies and replacing them with its own body, mutated into a nonsensical, nightmarish, Peanuts-themed landscape.


The player takes control of Woodsnoopy 799, one of the billions of entities eking out a pointless existence across the alien's slowly dying body. One day, Woodsnoopy, excommunicated from home, sets out to explore this twisted world.

Mastaba Snoopy can be played here.

This game shows examples of:

  • Body Horror: Pretty much every single being (or location) in the game represents some kind of misshapen fleshy horror. Including the player character.
  • Crapsack World: The world looks like a Boschian nightmare, the creatures peopling it are generally miserable, and pointless death lurks everywhere.
  • His Name Is...: One of the scenes has Woodsnoopy find a series of tower of letter-blocks, almost spelling out the meaning of life he's seeking—but the last tower lies tipped over.
  • Mind Screw: There are a lot of bizarre and surreal things happening in the game.
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  • Multiple Endings: There are many ways in which Woodsnoopy's exploration can end. Most of them are violent and/or disturbing.
  • Surreal Horror: The basic premise. How else to call a world made up of mutated versions of Peanuts characters?


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