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Mark Leung is (what was planned to be) an episodic parody role-playing game developed by Uglysoft and its founder, Mark Leung, who is also the creator of the popular Final Fantasy parody film College Saga.

As a spiritual successor to College Saga, cutscenes in the game are presented with live action video clips with actors cosplaying the characters. The game frequently makes references to the popular culture such as the Double Rainbow, flaming trolls and the Kanye West interruption at the VMAs. Many characters and monsters are bizarre hybrids of public figures and well-known characters, such as Jhompson, a summonable character inspired by Jack Thompson and Illidan Stormrage of World of Warcraft, and McFunny, a boss character inspired by the Joker and Ronald McDonald. Recent events such as the subprime mortgage crisis also inspired a bank-themed dungeon and a cleric named Brother Lehman.


The first episode, Revenge of the Bitch, received positive critical scores.

The game is currently in reboot development; the new version will combine elements of episode 1 and the unreleased episode 2, and will have a better-written story overall.

This game provides examples of:

  • Nominal Hero: Mark Leung, "an atheist, a selfish Communist, and a simple Ginseng farmer" who managed to get himself roped into an adventure that he doesn't really give a crap about.

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