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Video Game / Maria The Witch

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Maria in the front; Zaki, his mount Mia, and some minions in the back.

Maria the Witch is a 2016 Mobile Phone Game, which also received ports for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the most notable thing about this game is its unusual controls; one button moves up & left, and another moves up & right, with either button leading to a loop-de-loop if held down.

The plot, brief as it may be, is that Maria is an amateur witch still learning how to master her broom. When Zaki decides to steal all of the town's mail, it is up to Maria to not only track him down, but also to collect discarded letters and deliver them to mailboxes along the way.



  • Big Bad: Zaki
  • Deadly Walls: Maria can only land safely at post offices/checkpoints; bumping into any other surface causes a crash, and too many crashes resets Maria to the last post office she landed at.
  • Excuse Plot: Mail is stolen. Get back the mail. That's about it.
  • For the Evulz: Zaki's apparent motivation for stealing the mail.
  • 100% Completion: Every stage in the game earns the player up to three stars; one for completion, one for finding and delivering all letters, and one for beating the stage without being reset to a checkpoint after too many crashes. Stars are needed to unlock new areas, as well as open secret paths in some levels.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Some levels have portals that warp Maria to paths that are tricky to navigate, but do not give any advantages over the standard route.
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  • Side View: The entire game is seen from this angle, despite the frontal view of Maria in some images.
  • Some Dexterity Required: The two-button control scheme.
  • Toy Time: The appearance of the Tutorial and Bonus levels.
  • X Meets Y: According to this Steam review, it's Studio Ghibli meets Flappy Bird.

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