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Luxaren Allure is a 2015 Eastern RPG by Unity RPG. It is a medium-sized Yuri RPG (12-20 hours) with an all-female playable cast. The game uses RPG Maker VX Ace as its engine.

Karuna and Aurelie were friends. Then Aurelie went off and found the infernal armor of Ellicide and became the Evil Overlord Darkloft. Karuna is the only one who can stop her. But Karuna loves Aurelie, even now.

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This game provides examples of:

  • Actually Four Mooks: The Preexisting Encounters can have up to five enemies in one encounter, and some are larger than the protagonists, but fit into the same size sprites as them.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: The further away from the starting town of Erdengard you go, the more the inns cost. The Naga Castle has free resting, the combination inn and store on a side path off the Pehl Mountain Path has the inn cost 30 Vei, the Parvian Inn costs 50 Vei, the Springsmouth one costs 100 Vei...
  • All in a Row: Karuna leads the row, followed by Chisa, then Merle, and in the Prologue, Aurelie is leading, followed by Karuna.
  • An Axe to Grind: Chisa uses an axe as her weapon.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Multiple:
    • Mobile Graves (Tombstones on six insectoid legs)
    • Quietus Clocks (Floating giant Perpetual Smiler clocks with pointed teeth and a small bit of chain on each of their arms.)
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    • Disco Infernoes (Giant floating flaming disco balls.)
    • The infernal armor of Ellicide also communicates to Aurelie.
  • Blade on a Stick: Lynette uses spears.
  • Blob Monster: The various kinds of Slimes:
    • Villain Slimes
    • Caster Slimes
    • Dastardly Slimes
    • Heal Potion Blobs
  • Broken Bridge: Multiple and literal:
    • The bridge leading from Erdengard to Castle Darkloft gets destroyed by the Big Bad after the prologue.
    • Later the Ichor Bridge, leading from Parvian to Springsmouth, gets destroyed in a monster attack. Karuna lampshades it:
      Karuna: Another bridge in ruins. I wonder if Aurelie has a thing against bridges or something.
  • Cardiovascular Love: A Heart Symbol connected to love, occurs with The True Love Chocolate, stored in a heart-shaped box and:
    Said to be made by the goddess of Love, this delicacy restores all HP and MP to the party, out of battle.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Aurelie's dark powers.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Chisa and Merel form a romance, Chisa was pining after Karuna before Merel came along, and Karuna is in love with Aurelie. That connects four out of the five main characters.
  • Character Level: You defeat monsters to gain Experience Points to level up to increase your stats and get new skills.
  • Chocolate of Romance: The True Love Chocolate, stored in a heart-shaped box, whose Flavor Text says:
    Said to be made by the goddess of Love, this delicacy restores all HP and MP to the party, out of battle.
  • Chosen One: Karuna.
  • Chromosome Casting: All four heroes, and the villain, are female.
  • Combat Medic: Chisa, a White Mage with An Axe to Grind.
  • Defend Command: Called Guard here. It also increases Impulse.
  • Dragons Are Divine: The people of Parvian worship dragons, or as they call them, the Ageless.
  • Elemental Absorption: In an bugfix patch on Dec 29 2019, Force Ghosts lost the ability to do it with Physical damage due to interactions with Chisa's HP drain skills, that cause a crash.
  • Elemental Powers: Karuna can use Wind and Holy spells, Merel can use Fire, Ice, Bolt, Nature and Infernal spells/skills, and Lynette can use Water and Earth spells.
  • Evil Overlord: Evil Overlord Darkloft, it's in her name.
  • Eye Scream: Greater Evils can use an attack called "Eye Gorge".
  • Experience Points: Defeating monsters gives experience points.
  • Fantastic Racism: Humans vs. Naga, shown in multiple interactions:
    • A human in the prologue calls the Naga "slithering miscreants".
    • The Innkeeper of the Naga Castle semi-jokingly sets the price for a rest at 10,000 Vei, when even though Adam Smith Hates Your Guts is in effect, the most an inn that you actually use charges is 100 Vei.
  • Fantasy Pantheon:
    • There's the Ageless worshiped by the Parvians, who appear to be dragons.
    • The goddess of love referenced in the Flavor Text of "True Love Chocolate".
    • The divine beings referenced in the Flavor Text of "Angelic Potable".
    • The sleeping God of Benevolence and the Rezael angel mentioned by someone in Parvian's Three Angels section
    • The Angels of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, which make up the Three Angels.
    • There's also some Divine Forest sect with the priestesses that do the blessings to make "Purity Water", as said in its Flavor Text.
  • Fictional Currency: Vei is the name of the currency used in the game's world.
  • Flavor Text: For most items, such as:
    • True Love Chocolate:
      "Said to be made by the goddess of Love, this delicacy restores all HP and MP to the party, out of battle.".
    • Egg of the King:
      "Alchemy ingredient. A strange item indeed, given that kings usually don't lay eggs."
    • Lucky Serum:
      "The bottled essence of a jester".
  • Gradual Regeneration: Multiple methods:
    • Chisa's 'Pearl Breeze' Impulse Skill gives health regeneration.
    • The Angelic Ring grants health regeneration to the character that has it equipped.
  • Healing Potion: Multiple:
    • Health Berries
    • HP Drinks
  • The Hero: Karuna, The Chosen One.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Karuna, the Chosen One, uses a sword, while her companions, Chisa, Merle and Lynette use axes, knives, and spears, respectively.
  • Insubstantial Ingredients: There's the Lucky Serum for Luck, whose Flavor Text describes it as:
    "The bottled essence of a jester".
  • Item Crafting: Equipment, and consumables.
  • Impossible Item Drop: Multiple:
    • Monsters like the flaming disco balls known as Disco Infernoes, drop bottles of Liquid Impulse.
    • Lampshaded with the Egg of the King:
    "Alchemy ingredient. A strange item indeed, given that kings usually don't lay eggs."
  • Knife Nut: Merel, who also wields Cleavers, a type of Knife.
  • Life Meter: HP is depicted with a green bar that depletes from right to left.
  • Limit Break: Impulse. It charges when damage is taken, and when Guarding. Loses 20% when battle finishes. Some Limit Breaks use both Mana and Impulse.
  • MacGuffin: Lampshaded. The king of Erdengard has Karuna retrieve a ring from the Naga Queen in exchange for another MacGuffin just to give her a quest, as it is said in prophecy that the Chosen One must prove themselves. And while the king of Parvian would like to just give his MacGuffin, he can't as it is locked inside a temple.
  • Marathon Boss: Darkloft, who, before being made easier, was known to take ~23 minutes to beat.
  • Mineral MacGuffin: What the Naga Queen wants in exchange for the ring. Also, the Gem of Hope.
  • Mana Meter: MP is depicted with blue bars that deplete from right to left.
  • Mana Potion: Magic Liquids.
  • Meaningful Name: One of the guards of Erdengard is named Garrison, a type of defended fortification.
  • Money Spider: Played straight. Somehow, monsters drop Vei when you defeat them.
  • Mushroom Man: Shroom Bladesters.
  • Notice This: Containers with items in them have a targetting-reticule-esque yellow design over them.
  • Our Angels Are Different:
    • The Rezael angel mentioned by a person in Parvian's Three Angels section
    • The Angels of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, which make up the Three Angels, who are represented by naked statues of Winged Humanoid Barbie Doll Anatomy women and arranged in a triangle.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: The fairies are small Winged Humanoid illusionists, and can create an eternal flame in a lantern, which is the item called "Fae Flame".
  • Panacea:
    • Antivenin Shrooms
    • Wellness Flowers
  • Party in My Pocket: Happens when all the character sprites are clustered on one tile, like after resting at an inn.
  • Permanently Missable Content:
    • Crystallized Hope. If you miss more than two, you can't craft the Infinity +1 Sword. Although, you get a good bit of armor instead.
    • Aggressive Edges. There's just enough to craft one of everything to craft with them. So if you miss one after the last Point of No Return, and you crafted everything you could, you can't craft with Aggressive Edges anymore.
  • Plant Mooks: Jerkass Flowers
  • Point of No Return: At some points, you can't backtrack anymore, like at the Final Dungeon.
  • Preexisting Encounters: You can see boss encounters in fixed places on the map.
  • Random Drops: Healing items and crafting materials are dropped randomly from enemies.
  • Rare Candy: Lucky Serum, boosts the Luck stat.
  • Roaming Enemy: Normal enemies appear on the map and move around, and can be avoided, but they chase you if they see you.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: The infernal armor of Ellicide is colored like that.
  • Red Is Heroic: Karuna, the Chosen One, wears red.
  • Rest-and-Resupply Stop: The combination inn, weapon and consumables store, and alchemy facility, on a side path off the Pehl Mountain Path.
  • Rule of Three: Multiple:
    • The three items that the Chosen One must gather: the Orb of Light, the Scepter of Promise, and the Gem of Hope.
    • The Three Angels, worshipped by some people.
  • Shout-Out:
    • To The Legend of Zelda: When the Three Angels are depicted in Parvian, The Angel of Power is at the top, the Angel of Wisdom is to the left, and the Angel of Courage is to the right, just like the Triforces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
    • To the Pokémon anime: Guard leader on the way to Springsmouth from Parvian, says:
      As soon as we get word from the castle, we'll begin a very special mission! We'll show those monsters out there who's the very best, like no one ever was!
  • Shopkeeper: There's a combination inn, weapon and consumables store, and alchemy facility, on a side path off the Pehl Mountain Path.
  • Snake People: Naga.
  • Spam Attack: Some skills can do it:
    • 'Yes Indeed!' for Greater Evils and Quietus Clocks
    • 'Cross Slash' for Quietus Clocks, which hits twice.
    • Karuna's 'There Will Be Blood' Impulse Skill that strikes thrice.
  • Standard Status Effects: Poison, which can't kill, for enemies, at least, Blind (greatly reduces accuracy of physical attacks), and Silence, preventing Magic use.
  • Standard RPG Items: There's Panaceas, Healing Potions, Mana Potions, Revival items, etc.
  • Start of Darkness: Prologue is this for Evil Overlord Darkloft.
  • Suicide Attack: Heal Potion Blobs have Healsplosion, which sacrifices themselves to heal everyone on the field. Enemies and allies alike.
  • Trauma Inn: Inns recover HP and MP.
  • Underground Monkey: The Palette Swap variant is Discussed by a soldier on the road to Springsmouth from Parvian:
    Has anyone else noticed that the same monster but with a different color to 'im is somehow a lot stronger? I wonder why?
  • Villainous BSoD: Aurelie, after Karuna's Love Confession in the Temple of the Ageless.
  • We Buy Anything: Any store that sells anything, will buy everything in your inventory, except for key items.
  • Welcome to Corneria: Discussed by a child in Erdengard:
    We had a town greeter before. Actually, I think he was a drunk who thought shouting the name of the town at newcomers was funny.
  • Winged Humanoid:
    • Fairies
    • The Three Angels.
  • Womb Level: The red room of Castle Darkloft that holds the infernal armor of Ellicide has the armor in a bone claw like structure with red tendrils over the walls.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair:
    • Karuna has purple hair.
    • Merle has green hair.
    • Lynette has blue hair.


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