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Lumino City is a Point-and-Click Adventure Game developed by State of Play Games. It sports a visual style literally built by hand out of paper, cardboard and various bits and bobs of mixed media. Only a few elements, like the characters, appear to be CGI.

The protagonist is a girl named Lumi whose grandfather, the caretaker and handyman of the titular city, suddenly goes missing. Armed with only her grandfather's book The Handy Manual, Lumi heads out to find him. With puzzle-solving and ingenuity, Lumi traverses the city and seeks out what happened.

The game has an official site, and is available on Steam and Google Play.

This video game provides examples of:

  • Cool House: One resident of the city has a house situated under a cliff, protecting it from the elements and removing the need for front walls (thereby allowing a better home view). More notably, it can rotate 180 degrees upside-down via various levers on the house, which naturally is used for a puzzle. Most of the objects and furniture in the house are presumably nailed down.
  • Distressed Dude: Lumi's goal is to rescue her grandfather, who was kidnapped while she was making tea for him and thus setting the plot in motion. It turns out he was kidnapped by his boss, the manager of the power plant in Lumino City, with intent to make him adhere to his employment contract and produce more oil for the company. The grandfather escapes by jumping out the helicopter he and his boss were riding in, but ends up trapped on a ladder very high above the power plant, stranded and scared of climbing down by himself. Lumi eventually finds him and helps him climb down.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Lumi's grandfather doesn't have a name; he's either called "Grandad" (by Lumi) or "The Handyman" (by the people of Lumino City).
  • Everyone Knows Morse: One puzzle involves Lumi using a lighthouse's light system to communicate in Morse with a boy on a distant building, who of course conveniently knows Morse himself.
  • Handy Man: Lumi's grandfather is known as "The Handyman" in Lumino City, and appears to be quite famous there. Many characters comment on his skill to fix things and bemoan how he is no longer there to keep everything running, having moved to work in the power plant built close by. Lumi herself becomes one over the course of the game.
  • Lighthouse Point: One that is both a lighthouse and a windmill is used by Lumi to communicate in Morse code.
  • MegaCorp: Whatever company Lumi's grandfather signed a bad deal with, who provided power to the city via oil, but tried to kidnap him after the city's supply ran out.
  • Protagonist Title: It's fitting that the game featuring Lumi as its protagonist is called Lumino City.
  • Tempting Fate: Lumi regularly thinks aloud that her next planned action is a great idea, highlighting how precipitous it is. It usually turns out alright anyways, though.
  • Visual Title Drop: "Lumino City" is displayed in bright neon lights at the gate of the titular city.