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Video Game / LumbearJack

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This bear has an axe to grind.
LumbearJack is an upcoming indie puzzle adventure game from Armor Jack Studios releasing in early 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

The game stars Jack, a human-like bear with a disdain for human presence and invasion into his forest. When he finds that the evil corporation Evil Works is coming in and wants to log and bulldoze his forest to build a new city, Jack gets the help of several friends, and his trusty chainsaw to save his forest and drive the humans out.

Tropes used in this game:

  • Evil, Inc.: The appropriately named Evil Works wants to eliminate the forest to build a giant new city.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Jack has grown to hate humans because they are coming into the forest and tearing it down to build a giant city.
  • Punny Name: The game's hero is a bear named Jack who works as a lumberjack.

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