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Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyū is the latest mobile game published by Konami that shares the same name of the main series. Although this game never went outside Japan, this game still manages to reach 3.9 million download counts.

The game's main focus is the "Success Mode", which is a game mode where you create your own character, advance through a story mode, develop his baseball stats and finally get to use the character freely after you've completed the Success Mode. As a Japanese mobile game, you can open gachapon/loot boxes to unlock new characters, but these characters cannot be used to assemble your team. Instead, you can freely choose which characters you have to put into the Success Mode.


Tropes shared across all scenarios or tropes outside of the success mode:

  • April Fools' Day: This game actually has a sense of humur...albeit a very Japanese one...
    • 2016: Yabé invaded the title screen and become the first thing you see when booting up the game. This year's April Fools prank is arguably the tamest so far.
    • 2017: A poster of a made-up Shoujo manga with Aoi Hayakawa and the Ikari Brothers as the main cast who were drawn in a more realistic style with a dash of Bishie Sparkle. A teaser of Dr. Daijōbu's secret project. And Hideto Yabesaka(the soccer equivalent of Yabé) was the one who invaded the title screen instead but was stopped by Yabé the next day.
    • 2018: An image of a pixelated Power Pro-Kun by a chest in a style similar to the inner success mode of Pawapoke Dash. A free gacha that guarantees to yield Aoi Hayakawa, Ikari Mamoru or Ikari Suzumu. The made-up Shoujo manga is back and changes Aoi Hayakawa, Ikari Mamoru and Ikari Suzumu's in-game portraits to that of the poster's. The title screen became Bonda Daisuke from Power Pro-kun Pocket 2 with a bunch of cash on the ground. This is actually a shout out/gag to a manga called Manga/Gurazeni where its protagonist shares the same surname(凡田夏之介 Bonda Natsunosuke). He was added as a usable character one week later.
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    • 2019: A fake poster for the cruise ship that appeared in Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018. A teaser for a new gameplay feature. The title screen became the same screen in the very first Power Pro game and your in-game portrait have the appearance of a Power Pro-Kun when the franchise was in its infancy,constantly.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: The game regularly holds timed events that incorporates many mini-games to quick time events. Examples being the Hokuto cast using their deadly martial arts in the form of quick time events that simply enhance their throws and swings. Or a Match-Three Game where your swapping direction is restricted to the types of breaking ball your pitcher has.


This game has multiple scenarios in the success mode, they are:

You and your childhood friend Subaru(スバル) are huge fans of baseball and promised each other to win the Koshien together. Unfortunately, you two have to part ways because Subaru entered a high school far away from your home town. Now that you entered Pawafuru high school, you are now in the baseball club and met some new friends. Do you have what it takes to win the Koshien and keep that childhood promise?

The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • Final Boss: Tenku Chuoh High School.
  • Noob Cave: This is the only scenario with no gimmicks, new players should go for this scenario first to get the hang of the base game.
  • Sleep Deprivation: In one random event, you were given the choice between borrowing a baseball tournament DVD and a special OVA of Gundar Robo. If you choose to borrow both DV Ds, you will watch both DV Ds at night. After you are done watching them, you hear birds chirping...
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Subaru transferring back to PAWAFURU High School, swearing off baseball, being reminded of the promise he and you once made and ultimately joining the baseball club all took place in a month.
  • Training Montage: At about 3/4 of the story, the hero and his team were brought to a training camp to prepare for the Koshien. In there, the level of all of the training gains a boost by 1-2 levels.

     瞬銳高校 (translation to be added) 
This high school has one of the best baseball team in all of Japan. However, as time passes, the team has become dull and losing game after game. Meanwhile you have been in the lowest of ranks for a while now and finally get a chance to enter the main team! As the new blood of the club, can you win the Koshien and regain the school's former glory?

The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • Final Boss: Tenku Chuoh High School.
  • Rank Up: The main gimmick of this scenario. After the new coach regrouped the entire club, you'll start at the 3rd "team"(again) where you primarily perform maintenance for the another 2. A pitching/batting exam will happen every so often for you to go up the ranks, where you can gain control to choose your desired training. Bear in mind that only the 1st team gets to enter the Koshien, so the scenario will end prematurely should you fail to enter the 1st team.

Since primary school, you have been a gifted baseball player and have longed for entering Hokusetu High School. After your arrival at the school's baseball club, however, there're no other male teammates to be turns out that the high school has quietly turn into a girls-only high school! There's no turning back now! Can you and your "harem" army win the Koshien?

The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • Continuity Nod: You will face off St. Jasmine High School at the practice game, said High School is a scenario in Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2013.
  • Level-Up at Intimacy 5: The main gimmick of this scenario. Once per turn, you're allowed to a) go home alongside one of the girls, which increases their "heartbeat meter", or b) have one-on-one training with one of them, which boosts both you and your partner's stats. The effectiveness is affected by how full the "heartbeat meter" is.
  • Rule 63: Being a girls-only high school, Akio Yabé is obviously absent in this scenario. But the Opaque Nerd Glasses wearing, quick-footed character returns in the form of Akiko Yabeta(矢部田亜希子).
  • Sneeze Cut: This happens to you in the fourth quarter of the scenario twice. The four main girls talk about their affection to you, the scene then cuts to you sneezing and Yabeta asks if you have got a cold.

You are a high school student with a dream of winning the Koshien. One day, a scout from Seidou High School and recruits you to their school's baseball team. Knowing that Seidou High School has one of the best baseball team in all of Japan, you accepted his offer without hesitation. Now that you entered Seidou High School, what kind friends and rivals will you make during your stay?

The tropes used in this scenario are:

Funded by a private security company, this high school is known for its unique "escort mission" curriculum, where the students' teamwork, perception, and physical strength were put to the test and raise to its highest potential.Because of how baseball fit perfectly into the curriculum, the school has a baseball team: one with ludicrously high defensive capabilities. You joined the baseball team in hopes to obtain the training to become a professional baseball player. However, a seemingly unstoppable force is lurking in the horizon as Koshien approaches...

The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • Escort Mission: The main gimmick of this scenario. You will assemble a team of four to carry out "escort missions". Everyone has 4 different stats that corresponds to 4 types of enemies. Enemies will descend from 4 columns to reach to the bottom, send your allies to a column and they will advance to the top and fight any enemies that are in their way. The game ends if you managed to reach the goal without letting a single enemy reach the bottom.
  • Mistaken for Spies: The event of introducing Kageyama the NPB scout plays out a lot different than all other scenarios. One day, Yabé saw Kageyama staring at the team, and mistaken him for a spy because of his dark blue attire and his stoic appearance. Yabé then proceeds to attack Kageyama, prompting Kageyama to reveal his NPB scout status, which horrifies both Yabé and you.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: See Escort Mission.
  • Yin-Yang Clash: The rivalry between SG High School and Ōdzutsu High School(大筒高校). In case you didn't get the hint in the synopsis, Ōdzutsu High School literally translates to "Cannon High School".

"Flawless Victory" and "One-sided Win" is the motto of this school. The team members, the "Best 10", strike fear into all foes alike. You have been longed to fight alongside "Best 10", but kept stuck in the 2nd team. After your school won yet another match of Koshien, the supervisor promoted you to the first team! You are happy beyond belief. Unbeknownst to you, however, the supervisor has much bigger plans for you...

The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • The Big Race: In a mandatory event, the supervisor held a race for the baseball club members spanning 42.195 kilometers. If you joined the race but didn't have enough stamina beforehand, you will eventually colipase.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: Nine of the "Best 10" members name follows a numerical order when written in kanji.
    • 一 (one)ノ瀬 塔哉 (Ichinose Toshiya)
    • 二 (two)宮 瑞穂 (Ninomiya Mizuho)
    • 三 (three)本松 一 (Sanbonmatsu Ichi)
    • 四 (four)条 賢二 (Shijō Kenji)
    • 五 (five)十嵐 権三 (Igarashi Gonza)
    • 六 (six)本木 優希 (Roppongi Yūki)
    • 七 (seven)井 アレフト (Nanai Arefuto)
    • 八 (eight)嶋 中 (Yashima Chū)
    • 九 (nine)十九 宇宙 (Tsukumo Uchū)
  • Recurring Character: Must I really tell you who is the tenth member of the "Best 10"? You remember who gave you the most trouble in the main games right?


The tropes used in this scenario are:

  • The Apunkalypse: When a bunch of Power Pro-kuns get warped into the post apocalypse, they of course instantly get mohawks and body armor.
  • Art Shift: Characters from Fist of the North Star are rendered in their own art style during certain cutscenes and elements of the interface but turn chibi like everyone else in the Baseball gameplay.
  • Crossover: This scenario is an official crossover between Fist of the North Star and this game, obviously.
  • Lighter and Softer: Violence in the story isn't depicted graphically. If this was a Pawapoke entry we'd at least get a popup of a blood-splattered skull anytime Kenshiro did his thing...

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