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Legasista is an Action RPG that was released on the Play Station Network in 2012, developed by System Prisma (makers of the ClaDun series, to which this game bears many similarities) and published by Nippon Ichi Software in America.

A young explorer named Alto Straiter discovers a place called the Ivy Tower, a large tower covering up the remains of an ancient railyard. He believes that the magic within the tower can help him restore his sister Mari, who was transformed into a crystal as the result of a curse.

Along the way, he runs into Melize, a Robot Girl built from the technology in the ruin. When she sees Alto for the first time, she is prepared to kill him for trespassing, but an explosive accident robs her of all of her memories, including the means to break Alto's sister's curse. All hope appears to be lost, until Alto and Melize discover data chips within the Ivy Tower that help restore some of Melize's lost functions. After consuming one of these chips and hearing Alto mention his cursed sister, it triggers something in Melize's memory bank that feels important to her, yet she doesn't understand why. With this knowledge, Alto and Melize brave the Ivy Tower's numerous monsters and traps in hopes of finding the things they are looking for...


Tropes used in Legasista:

  • Character Customization: You can import sprite sheets, so you can play as pretty much anyone you want.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Sprouty does not like Melize being anywhere near Alto.
  • Do-Anything Robot: Melize, who recovers her lost memories by eating data chips found in the Ivy Tower, which slowly unlock new functions for the player.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The three types of elemental magic used in the game.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The six jobs available for player characters can fit into these archetypes: the Warrior, Explorer (warrior/thief hybrid), Thief, Pyro, Cryo, and Warmage (warrior/pyro/cryo hybrid).
  • Floating Limbs: The player characters' sprites look like this outside of cutscenes.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Mimily Bahamut is half-dragon.
  • Job System: There's 6 jobs, each with multiple energy frames (different equip and health slot arrangements), energy frames can be changed at any time and jobs can be changed once the current job has reached level 20.
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  • Lost Technology: There's some scattered all across Ivy Tower, with Robot Girl Melize being a prime example.
  • Mineral MacGuffin: Alto's sister Mari, who was cursed and turned into a crystal.
  • One Note Chef: Ms. Dungeon, who is able to cook meals that look like normal food...except that they all taste of bean sprouts. Somewhat justified in that sprouts are the only thing that grow inside the Ivy Tower.
  • Player Mooks: The characters that can be made with imported sprite sheets are these, functioning the same as Alto and the other main characters but having no story importance whatsoever.
  • Randomly Generated Levels: Once Melize learns how to dig holes, you can use them to unlock randomized dungeons of varying difficulty within your home base.
  • Robot Girl: Melize is a weapon that looks like a blonde woman.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: Shout is an almost literal one, his body is made from junk parts.
  • Spiritual Successor: To the Cladun series, in which most of the game mechanics originate.
  • The Unpronounceable: Ms. Dungeon's real name.
  • Verbal Tic: The various Sprouts in the tower always end their sentences with "moshi", moshi!