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You'll never want an A again...

LAst WEEK is a Thai horror game, created with RPG Maker XP by Mayko Games. It is about a girl named "Napa", who has had a recuring nightmare since childhood. She has decided to visit the ruined school that appears in her dream. But something inside is trying to drag her into the past... and it will never let her go.

This game has a prequel, LAst WEEK: Another Incident, that takes place 10 years before and centers around "Ratri", a student of Vitheesart (A.K.A. the ruined school), who was chosen for a strange ritual of the school. Having forgotten what had happened before, now she is in a strange building that has no exit. Before everything is over she still carries the fading hope to move forward, to seek the path to survive, and to see her friends again...

The game can be downloaded for free here For the prequel: here Note that both games are still in the Thai language, though team Whateverzone and their creators are planning to translate them.


LAst WEEK and its prequel provide examples of:

  • Always Night: Almost every scene in LAst WEEK and its prequel are during nighttime, the notable exceptions are the Good and True Endings in the first and second games, respectively.
  • Benevolent A.I.: Played Straight at first in Another Incident by A2, who helped Ratri by providing her information. It's later averted by having him upgraded into A2 Ultimate which provided him an ability to control the Calendar system, but all 'unnecessary' data and functions were removed, including his kind emotion and memory about Ratri. He suggested that Ratri should accept her fate, since he predicted that she would die 100% anyway, but see Screw Destiny below!
  • Bitter Sweet Ending: 'Good Ending : Sacrifice' in LAst WEEK. In this ending, Napa chooses to sacrifice herself to save Ratri but doesn’t kill the school principal, so the ritual in Vitheesart can continue. Also in 'Good Ending : Hope' in Another Incident, if Ratri couldn't solve the problem fast enough, her friend Pim will fade away thanks to Napa's arrival in the past, but the school principal was killed anyway.
  • Cypher Language: Used purposefully as puzzle! In both games, you'll certainly encounter some "encrypted" codes, which are just Thai words that are typed in English language mode (like l;ylfu (This is "สวัสดี" (Sawasdee), hello in Thai).
  • Darkness = Death: Are your flashlight's and camera's batteries dead? Is your candle burnt out? You will be gone soon...
  • Dragged into Drag: Darkly played. The unnamed boy's fate; he was cross dressed into Rurkrean by force so he could be sacrificed.
  • Determinator: According to Word of God, the Computer instructor repeated the loop to help Ratri 413 times. Are you Akemi Homura?
  • Enter Solution Here: In Another Incident, there is the puzzle to get a code to unlock the door to kill the school principal by the monster which is binary code. You must use a ASCII Code table to translate it, assuming you're not a computer geek.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Kanya in Another Incident. She always mocks our protagonist, but in the end before she is gone (presumably dead), she comes to rescue Ratri from Tawan and tells her to keep going and doesn't listen to anyone, even herself.
  • Jump Scare: Better prepare your heart before playing, as you will get a scare before Game Over when you meet Reandee or Rukrean or run out of HP. Given on how this Let's player play LAst WEEK and Another Incident, you will see it a lot.
  • Karmic Death: In both games' true ending, the school principal is killed by the very same monster that killed all previous sacrifices. Also assumed to happen in Another Incident's Happy Ending.
  • Kill 'Em All: Ratri's dad action without any interfere of our protagonists, or their failures.
  • Kill It with Fire: Another Incident's Burning Building Ending. After killing the monster, Ratri can decide to Pay Evil unto Evil by burning whole building, which kills her AND the school principal in the process.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: The computer instructor is killed thanks to the building demolishing, while telling Napa what date she needs to go... AND it happens to be the critical point to the ending you will gain!
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: Occurs frequently, such as an archetype key and door, seeking for head for headless body statue by killing science teacher, and, of course, searching for metallic calendar to move to the next day.
  • Mascot: Reandee and Rukrean for Vitheesart. Oh, and they are the thing you NEED to avoid!. Oh, and they can control anybody who wears them!
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Napa means "Sky", mostly used in meaning of "Day". Ratri means "Night". Nice contrast, as they're both protagonists!
    • Reandee means "Good studying". And this mascot, in this game, is "good at studying" students' life.
    • Tawan means "the sun".
    • Vitheesart means "the subject of the way" (it comes from two words, "วิถี", way in thai and "ศาสตร์", subject in Thai)
    • According to Word of God, LAst WEEK is written in this form instead of LAST WEEK because the creator wants to represent “the first” (as in, the first ranking school of Vitheesart) in form of that “st”.
  • Mistaken for Murderer: In the first game, Napa thinks that the guard is the murderer. He isn't and ends up dead. And Mali thinks Napa killed him so she killed Napa because he is her father.
  • Multiple Endings: A lot in both games.
  • No Body Left Behind: Pim's dead in Good Ending in Another Incident, Correct End - Father's Revenge, Pim accidentally murders Ratri (Pim tries to kill school principle but Ratri shields him), and Ratri's Dad comes to Kill 'Em All. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!!, Bad Ending 1 - Burning Building, which Ratri burns down the school to avenge for the four sacrifices., Bad Ending 2 - Desperate Future : Ratri listens to A2's prediction and falls into despair, stuck in the Zero building, forever...
  • Nonindicative Name: The Good ending in Another Incident; the school principal was killed, the ritual was stopped for good, but Pim is gone.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Averted! In [LAst WEEK : Another Incident, Laila is killed by the monster and tells Ratri to leave her. This is also averted further in regard of calendar system, only the person who changes the calendar to go to the next day.
  • Our Time Travel Is Different: Not quite a "Time machine", the Calendar system is more like a "Time controller" system. It's a complex mystic calendar system, that has metallic calendar plates that have dates written on it to go to a certain day. Though this is mostly used for travelling to another day, it can be used as a real Time Machine to go back into the past, exactly what the Computer instructor and Napa do in the True/Normal end routes.
  • Plot Coupon : The metallic calendar plates—you need these to activate the Calendar system and move to the next day. Any other power? Nope... except it's later used to go back in time.
  • Screw Destiny:
    • In Another Incident. After upgrade, A2 says to Ratri that she will die anyway, you can let her say that, even if their fate is to be dead, she better dies trying than waiting for it, this will cause his program to recalculate and allows emergency door to be opened.
    • But this can be averted later. If you tell Pim about the A2 prediction, after they walk out of the Zero building and find the school principal, Pim will kill him but instead kill Ratri, and then Ratri's dad's massacre will occur...
  • Shout-Out: There are a lot of scenes similar to Five Night At Freddy, especially the date change scene.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: How Napa fixed/fixes everything. She uses the Calendar system to travel into the past. If you do it right, she will stop the ritual by killing the school principal. This removes Ratri's dad's Kill 'Em All event, prevents/prevented a lot of girls from being trapped, and even prevented this school from being closed!
  • Timed Mission: In Another Incident, the final puzzle will require you to enter a code to open the door that contains the monster, before Pim fades away.


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