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Northern Canada, 1970. William Hamilton, a wealthy industrialist, has called Private Investigator Carl Faubert to his place to have him look into several cases of mysterious vandalism that have taken place on his property. Carl agrees to do the job, and drives for several hours to the client's home.

When he gets there, though, he finds that not only must he solve this case, but a blizzard is happening in the area. This means he's going to have to survive the harsh elements, and wildlife, while he's at it.

Kona is an Atmospheric Survival Adventure Game developed by Parabole. The game was funded on Kickstarter on September 4th, 2014, launched in Steam Early Access on March 10th, 2016 and fully released in March 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch version following on March 9th, 2018. In June 2018, a VR version of the game was released as well.


Kona contains examples of:

  • The '70s: The game is set in October of 1970.
  • An Ax To Grind: Carl can use an axe in the game. It's decent for chopping through things, but pretty terrible for fending off a wolf.
  • Braving the Blizzard: In addition to solving a mystery, Carl also has to stay alive in a harsh blizzard.
  • Hostile Weather: Heavy snowfall and lack of visibility due to sleet are a regular companion in this game.
  • Kill It with Ice: The fate of most of the townspeople, courtesy of the Wendigo.
  • Late to the Party: Carl gets knocked out in a traffic accident at the beginning of the game. By the time he wakes up, it looks like he's the last living soul in town. It turns out the other driver was the guy who inadvertently caused the whole mess.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: At the end of the game, Carl unfreezes the Wendigo after the Native American hunter already defeated and froze it. Downplayed in that the town was already pretty much wiped out and the Wendigo doesn't seem like it's going to go on a rampage outside the town; it's only a threat to Carl himself, and he does manage to get away.
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  • P.O.V. Cam: The game occurs from Carl's perspective.
  • Private Investigator: Carl Faubert.
  • Resources Management Gameplay: You have a limited amount of resources needed to survive in the cold and deal with any physical threats you might come across while exploring the area.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The Brave turned himself into the Wendigo to avenge his lover who was killed in a hunting accident; however, the killer had already been killed by someone else, so unable to take his vengeance he ends up wiping out the town instead.
  • Savage Wolves: The primary physical threat Carl faces in the game are a number of wolves wandering the area. They can be either avoided or engaged in combat.


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