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Smashing skeletons circa 1998.

"The old stories of the shifting land, when one day the sun won't rise, but instead an eternal being will travel over the land. Closing the sky with its unthinkable size. Its footprints distort the ground. Those few who survive will no longer recognize the land, and history will begin anew.
Every era, the people of the land seek a savior to end this cycle of destruction brought on by the Eternal One, which some call 'The Sky Eater'. Ancient prophecy predicts an outsider will come to the king's land only days before the reckoning and gain the power to destroy The Sky Eater.
Travel to the king's castle to the east and prove yourself the worthy savior of the land. "
King's Summons

Kingsway is a Roguelike Role-Playing Game game developed by one man, Andrew Morrish, released in 2017.

The game touts itself as "the #1 operating system for daily tasks such as skeleton smashing and loot-organizing," with a user interface similar to that of Windows 98. The player arrives on the island of Kingsway, a randomly generated island, in hopes of fulfilling The Prophecy to destroy The Sky Eater. To gain the power necessary to have a chance to succeed, the player must delve deep through dungeons, explore caves, and complete quests, while destroying the hordes of monsters in their path... Or die trying.


Kingsway has examples of:

  • Crapsack World: Monsters and running everywhere. Cultist are summoning demons. The church is worshipping The Sky Eater and raising undead. And people are scamming people through fake quest mails.
  • Genre Throwback: To 90's Windows graphical roguelikes such as Castle of the Winds.
  • Macro Game: Each time you finish a game (Wherever by dying or succeeding) you earn gems to unlock stuff in the Gem store, which includes more starting perk options, more customization themes, and unlocking window shortcut keys. You can also bury your old characters to allow you to inherit one item from them for the next run.
  • Painting the Medium: Window management is one of the key points of the game. Some enemies can cause your windows to minimize, the enemy windows move around to make it hard to click commands, Traps are message windows that quickly move you must avoid by closing them and so forth.

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