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Like chess...with shotguns!
Jupiter Hell is a Roguelike Spiritual Successor to Chaosforge's previous game, Doom The Roguelike.

The plot is simple. You're a lone marine battling your way through Jupiter's moons, encountering turned personnel, crazed machines, and fiends from the depths of hell. Similar to its predecessor, a plethora of randomized levels, equipment, and various challenges await as you take the fight to the hellspawn.

Jupiter Hell is currently available in Early Access on both Steam and GoG.

This game contains examples of:

  • Auto Doc: Medical stations allow players to heal, extract a medkit, or permanently raise their maximum health.
  • Boring, but Practical: The 9mm auto-rifle. Its decent accuracy, reliable damage, and plentiful ammo will see you through a good chunk of the early game before it's replaced by more specialized weapons.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Several floors of Io pit unpossessed CRI Marines and their 'bots against the Fiends. Make no mistake, they'll still gladly drop everything to ventilate you.
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  • Large Ham: Mark Meer absolutely delivers the ham as the Jupiter Marine, from wishing he could mainline medkits to calling you out for leaving him idle for too long
  • Monster Closet: Vaults. They contain chests with rare items, but are also chock full of enemies to make you regret opening their doors.
  • Secret Level: Each moon contains "branches" that differ from the regular path in terms of environment and enemy spawns, and inside those is a Brutal Bonus Level filled with tough enemies that rewards unique items.
  • Shout-Out: The PC in the screenshots and trailers is named Flynn Taggart; this is also the default name offered for each run's marine.
  • Socketed Equipment: All weapons and armor can accept a limited number of mods that run the gamut from bonus damage, bonus accuracy, and faster reloading/bigger magazines.
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  • Take Cover!: A new game system created in order to bring back cover shooting while correcting the fact that cover shooting is a bug that has quite a number of balance problems. Being in cover reduces the chance of enemy hitting you with ranged attacks, and you can also wait in cover in order to get hunker down bonus, which reduces damage done to you. Of course, the enemy can do the same. Engineers can specialize in this due to one of their talent allowing them to retain hunker down bonus (and get 25% more hunker down bonus) as long as they don't move, unlike normally where the bonus is lost when you shoot back.
  • Take That!: The early access launch trailer at the end claims that the game is available exclusively on Epic Store... "HAHA, just kidding!"

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