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This page will only encompass Jeff the Killer fan games that contain an actual storyline (no matter how cheesy they might be). Jeff fan games that have a plot are usually the ones made on RPG Maker.

Games contain examples of:

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     Go to Sleep 

You play as Carolina, a down-on-her-luck paranormal detective, who is sent to investigate a mansion where the yet-unknown Jeff commits his murders. You must find the scattered pages to help you solve the case, whilst avoiding Jeff at all costs.

  • Aborted Arc: Clearly the game's creator didn't have the time (or even the will) to expand on the whole "the higher-ups at the police department are probably using Jeff the killer to get rid of us" idea that Carolina spontaneously brings up halfway through the game.
  • Alone with the Psycho: After Jeff locks the front door to the mansion, Carolina effectively becomes this.
  • Ambiguous Time Period: Had to have taken place decades ago, judging by how Carolina has no cell phone on her to contact her team for backup.
  • Catchphrase: Subverted. Despite what the game's title says, Jeff is a silent character the whole time, so he never utters his signature "go to sleep" line.
  • Dead All Along: In the Good Ending, Carolina reveals that Jeff has long since died of blood loss resulting from cutting up his face. Which makes you wonder what kind of tormented ghost Jeff is that he can physically kill people with a knife.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Carolina states in the beginning that her mother is dead, and hopes that she's made her mother proud by becoming a detective. She even chooses to wear her mother's pink garb instead of her standard detective uniform in her honour.
  • Informed Attribute: Carolina is apparently so poor, she tells Jeff in a good ending that people throw money at her... Despite seen living in a cozy log cabin filled with all her life necessities.
  • Narcissist: Jeff has the entire third floor of the mansion lined up with portraits of him.
  • No Peripheral Vision: Even if you have Jeff right at your tail, you're able to hide in any of the closets, and you practically become lost to him.
  • Parents as People: Part of Jeff's torn journal page asks that the user (Carolina) remind him of his parents and brother, suggesting that this incarnation of Jeff's parents were loving toward their son.
  • Plot Hole: One of the pages found in the Kitchen of Nobles written by one of the murdered detectives (Carolina's predecessor) states that he dragged the killer down the steep hole with him to his death....If the detective in question had already died from the fall, just how was able to write that note?
  • Press X to Die: If you stare into the mirror in one of the bedrooms with a pink bed sheet on the second floor, Jeff super-speed into the room and kills you.
  • Reality Ensues: See Dead All Along above.
  • Skewed Priorities: Carolina will frequently stop to admire the furniture and the flower pots while she's investigating.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Like many other Jeff games, this one makes you unlock the Good Ending by trying to reach Jeff's heart, a failsafe that Jeff himself wrote out in his journal pre-psychotic break that will make him snap out of it. Carolina's Wham Line reveals that said words are to put his soul to rest.
     My Dear Brother Jeff 

You play as college-student aged Liu, who decides to visit his not-so-imaginary pyromaniac brother Jeffrey Dahmer at the hospital, only discover that he has escaped, and intends to exact revenge on his family for abandoning him.

  • Abusive Parents: Liu and Jeff's parents savagely beat six/seven year-old Jeff to a bloody pulp as punishment for trashing the house during a house party, despite the fact that it was Liu who hosted the party.
    • Even their supposed love for Liu is questionable, considering the mother has little qualms about running out of the house, abandoning Liu to face off his homicidal brother alone.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Jeff's full name here is Jeffrey Dahmer, after the real-life serial killer, instead of his canonical name Jeffrey Allen Woods.
  • The Atoner: Liu. He goes to the hospital to visit Jeff to make up for the fourteen year tim gap that has passed between them.
    • When Liu meets Jeff once more at the hospital where he's holding their mother hostage, one of the game options has Liu giving Jeff a heartfelt apology, and admitting how horrible they all treated him. Needless to say, it doesn't work, so...
    • In a rather grim ending, the "Good Ending 1" has Liu walking out on his mother after listening to Jeff's side of the story, silently deciding that their mother deserves her grisly fate. And Jeff, out of gratitude for letting him carry out his revenge, lets you leave and doesn't hound you any further.
  • Book-Ends: Liu reconnects with Jeff at the hospital. At the end, he confronts Jeff at the same hospital (and in the same room) for the last time, where Liu either leaves him or kills him.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Liu in both instances where their parents' lives are being immediately threatened by Jeff..
  • Enfant Terrible: Child Jeff, who sets of his Start of Darkness by setting the family house on fire.
  • Freudian Excuse: Jeff's abuse at his parents' hands is what completely breaks to the point of actually setting their old home on fire.
  • Insane Troll Logic: When Liu confronts his mother about Jeff's beating, she defends her actions by stating that, as his mother, she protected him all his life, and so was perfectly entitled to beat him.
  • Jerkass: The whole family, really. Special mention goes to the parents, who love one child over another, make their unloved child into a personal servant to their favourite child, and then brutally punish said child for the actions of the favourite child.
    • Jeff by default. But really, can you blame him?
    • Liu has shades of this. For one, he never appeared to stand up for young Jeff in the flashbacks when their parents antagonized him, and he literally says nothing and walks up to his room when the parents make it clear their intention to punish someone for the disastrous party.
  • Patricide: Jeff starts his revenge by killing his father, who apparently put up some resistance before his deranged son cut up his face and stabbed out his eyes.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Jeff's main and only goal in the game is to make himself this.
  • The Un-Favourite: The parents made it very clear in flashbacks that they loved Liu far more than Jeff, so much that they send Jeff to get a cup of water for Liu (heavily implying they made Jeff a perpetual servant to him), and beat the crap out of him for trashing the house and destroying their mom's "rare book", despite Liu being responsible for the mess.

A young male teenage protagonist is forcibly placed in rehab by his parents after claiming he's seen Jeff the Killer. Now that the boy is all alone, Jeff decides to take the time to strike.

  • Abusive Parents: Downplayed; the boy's parents care very little that their son is having trouble sleeping, and they subsequently take him to rehab after his mom catches him downing some pills. Then again, outside of the parent's presumed neglectful nature, they responded normally to their son's drug abuse.
  • Driven to Suicide: His father apparently hanged himself years earlier.
Lilian (Lile) is a teenaged girl forced to accompany her parents to visit her grandparents. When their car breaks down mid-trip, the family must stay at a run-down motel. While there, Lile discovers something, or someone, creepy inhabiting the motel. A direct sequel to Isolation.

  • Abusive Parents: Subverted with Lile's parents, who have to use a firm tone with their spoiler brat of a daughter.
    • Played straight with Jeff's parents (or rather, his mother, since his father is nowhere to be seen), who completely ignore child Jeff on his birthday, and snap at him for interrupting them while they do their taxes. It even goes without saying that they ignore Jeff's bullying issues.
  • All Just a Dream: The good ending reveals that Lile's encounter with Jeff, and all other side adventures, was just a three-day dream. However, considering what kind of game this is, it's almost certain that Jeff's presence was real, and because he's dead, the only way he could face off his victim was to present himself in her sleep.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Exaggerated with the protagonist, Lile, who's entire speech toward her parents in the beginning consist of Cluster F Bombs, and an attitude that leaves much to be desired.
  • Bullying the Dragon: The bad ending has you scream at Jeff, demanding he let you go. It goes as well as you'd think.
  • The Cameo: The Slender Manfrequently appears and disappears on the spot, and may even jumspcare you to death if you're standing close enough. Bloody Mary also makes an appearance, popping out of the mirror to kill Lile if you make her chant "Bloody Mary" three times. Neither of their appearances bare any importance to the overall plot.
  • Dead All Along: A newspaper clipping that Lile finds in Jeff's hideout in a vent reveals that Jeff had actually died in prison two days after his arrival due to excessive blood loss.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Lile manages to get Jeff off her back, and after waking up, her grandfather shows up in her bedroom, telling her that he has made reservations that he has made reservations for the entire family to stay at a five star hotel overlooking an amusement park (likely a Disney Theme Parks expy). Looks like Lile will enjoy spending the weekend with her grandparents after all.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: To get your good ending, Lile must give a rather meaningless, off-handed apology of sympathy to Jeff for all the misery he's been through while he was still alive. He'll vanish in a burst of white light, silently thanking Lile for allowing his soul to rest once and for all.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Granted, her full first name is Lilian, but nicknaming her Lile is most odd.
  • You Bastard!: When confronting Jeff for the last time, Lile has the option of angrily screaming in his face, dropping several Cluster F-Bomb s in the process. Jeff vanishes, with Lile believing she's now in the clear. But as soon she steps outside the motel, Jeff rushes up behind her and kills her.

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