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Imagine yourself as a perfectly content robot, surrounded by a bunch of baby robots that frolic and play. One day, you fall into a nap. During your unconsciousness, the babies are kidnapped for no real reason. Now they're trapped in foreign lands, alone and scared, tied to the ground by collars. You must rescue them.

Such is the story of Jed. Using thick pixel graphics and synthesized music, it's emulative of old-school platformers. There's an interesting twist to game-play, though: special tiles cause Jed's perspective of the world to flip—the background becomes the foreground, and the foreground becomes the background. Whichever is currently the background can still be seen behind the foreground in a darkened state.

Although by no means a long game, several levels test the player's skill and determination to save your baby buddies while avoiding a plethora of obstacles. Some stages contain rockets, which allow Jed to fly over the terrain, and three-shot guns that lock enemies in place for several seconds.

As a Freeware Game, it can be downloaded here. It is currently playable on Windows and Linux systems.

Tropes used in Jed:

  • Always Check Behind the Chair: Several robots are hidden past where the world seems to end, usually seperated by a concealed passage or a low roof that can be walked on. Some of these are hinted at by inexplicable empty blocks inside the wall.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: In this case a hat, a beard and a tie.
  • Boss Battle: The giant crawler and piranha robots, with the former appearing in Stage 5 and Challenge, and the latter being exclusive to Stage 10. Your main goals are the same as with their smaller versions: don't get hit and reach the door.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: until you've rescued at least one robot, Jed will die from a single hit.
  • Palette Swap: of the “same color, get bigger” variety.
  • Papa Wolf: Jed. Even if he doesn't actively harm the robots that kidnapped his babies, he walks circles around them while leading the toddlers back to safety.