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"Heya Link! What brings you out and about today? What? Some weird dream? Well that's weird. But I guess I've heard worse. You know what they say about weird dreams, to be rid of their effects, drink some magic potion! As a matter of fact, have a spare, why don't you take it? I'm not really needing it right now and you seem to. So have at it Link!"
NPC who gives you your first magic bottle

Isle of the Winds is a Zelda Classic quest made by Dark Flame Wolf. It is as closely based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as is possible in Zelda Classic. After beating the first dungeon, Link gains use of the Raft to travel between some islands and, later, in the fifth dungeon, gains the Flippers with which to explore all the islands freely. There are a total of ten main islands, each containing a dungeon, as well as several smaller islands scattered throughout the Big Ocean, three of which contain optional dungeons.


Link of Town Island has been having troubling dreams concerning a forbidden cave on the island. One morning he wakes up after one of these dreams and decides to investigate the cave. His sister gives him his sword to help him on his way. In the depths of the cave, Link confronts a boss monster and gains a piece of the Triforce. He is sent to the dimension of a mysterious great fairy, who tells him that that piece and seven others scattered around the islands are the keys to resolving the disturbing dreams. He returns to his home and tells his sister that he must travel the islands, and she gives him a raft with which to travel. He sets out past forbidding Death Island and out into the Big Ocean, and so begins Dark Flame Wolf's sixth quest.


This game provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: Not the whole quest, just the ruined Town Island, which turned out to be Link freely exploring another of the nightmares he was having.
  • Bonus Level: Three of them, on islands in the Big Ocean, each give you a major item, and a fourth, Dark Flame Wolf's Master Dome, is back.
  • Boss Rush: Throughout level 9 are the bosses of the eight previous levels, which you must defeat to get the keys that unlock the way to the final boss.
  • Disc-One Final Dungeon: The windmill. The level leading up to it feels like the final stretch, with awesome music, use of all items, and a need for all the secret keys from the previous seven levels, and you can't go back. Of course, you don't have all heart containers and haven't seen what's in the Isle of the Winds, and the boss you fight at the end is easy... too easy.
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  • Doomed Hometown: Actually another of Link's nightmares that the Triforce pieces have allowed him to explore for real.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Each Rupee dungeon has a brawl, then a trap maze, then a block puzzle, thus requiring the skills of all three.
  • Law of Cartographical Elegance: The ten islands fit neatly on a square 16-by-16 screen map, with only a little ocean space in between, and even that's partly filled up with smaller islands.
  • Locked Door: In the Heart Piece dungeons, you must go in a circle to find the boss key and unlock the boss room right in front of the entrance.
  • Mini-Dungeon: Several that give you Rupees, several that give you Heart Pieces, and several that give you Magic upgrades.
  • Notice This: Every Rupee dungeon is in the middle of a circle of six stones and unlocked by playing the Ocarina.
  • Title Drop: The final island of the game, from which Ganon is creating the nightmare apparitions.