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inMomentum is a minimalistic 3D Platform Game with abstract art, developed by White Rabbit Interactive and released for PC through Steam on 31st October, 2011.

There, you have no real goal besides going through the levels as fast as possible, whether alone or in a Competitive Multiplayer mode.

inMomentum provides examples of:

  • Checkpoint: Glowing red gates act as checkpoints once you pass through them.
  • Energy Ball: The player will sometimes need to fire a energy projectile in order to flip the switches that'll shatter walls of purple light blocking your way. It can also be used for rocket-jumping.
  • Excuse Plot: According to the tutorial, the players are test subjects for some medical aid, but that's where all the storytelling begins and ends.
  • First-Person Ghost: Played absolutelystraight, even though the game was supposed to have a third-person mode, as can be seen from the promotional screenshots.
  • Follow the Money: Here, the game uses glowing blue "data spheres" to lay out a suggested path for the player to follow.
  • Floating Platforms: All of the levels consist of elaborate sequences of these.
  • One-Way Visor: The player characters are drawn with them on the artwork.
  • Player Death Is Dramatic: Averted. If the player falls off, they are respawned immediately, without any of the classic defeat tropes like the screen going red and/or monochrome, and the players
  • Rocket Jump: The concept of rocket jump is moved to projectile jump which helps to keep up the titular momentum.
  • Virtual Reality: In-universe, inMomentum is a VR simulation used as part of a mobility treatment.
  • Wall Jump: One of the player character's movement abilities, which also boosts their speed relative to a basic jump. That boost lasts until you make two normal jumps, and will then need to be reapplied through another wall jump.