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The important thing is to keep going… no matter what you endure along the way.

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A little girl named Itta wakes up and finds her family laying on the ground dead. Her only guide and companion is a spirit cat that takes the form of the family's pet cat, and it gifts Itta with a shinning revolver from her father to protect herself. Itta must battle her way through impossible trials in search of answers… and peace.

ITTA is a bullet hell adventure game developed by solo indie studio Glass Revolver and published by Armor Games Studios follows Itta on her journey to a seemly peaceful world where she must find and battle powerful beings locked away in a series of intense boss battles inspired by the likes of Shadow of the Colossus and Titan Souls. It was released to PC via Steam and on the Nintendo Switch on April 22, 2020.


General Tropes

  • Action Girl: Itta fights the dangerous entities with her revolver and other weapons. Though, it really does a number on her sanity.
  • Bookends: After killing the first boss, Itta states that she feels sick. After killing the final boss, she once again states that she feels sick as everything fades away.
  • Boss Rush: Deconstructed. The constant killing of spirits a little girl with a gun is forced to do doesn't really help her emotional state. By the final boss battle, an NPC states that Itta isn't even really herself anymore.
  • Gainax Ending: After killing the final boss, Itta and the cat simply float in the black void, where we see her becoming caked in dirt and blood, as well as a montage of people that appear to represent the bosses that Itta killed during her journey, ending with some blue-robed individuals who appear to be Itta's dead relatives. Cue credits.
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  • Protagonist Title
  • Sanity Slippage: The constant fights and killing slowly destroys her mental state, and while at she feels sick about it at first, by the end, she doesn't even care anymore.