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Horace is a retro-style, heavy story driven platformer that branches out at certain parts into a metroidvania, created by Paul Helman. The story follows a robot named Horace, who is the newest member of an wealthy old man's large family. He soon become a part of the family and becomes friends with nearly everyone, and all is fine, until one day, when the Old Man has a heart attack, and Horace then shuts down and sleeps for several years. When he wakes up, he finds that his home, and the rest of the world, in ruin due to a Great Offscreen War that no one wants to talk about. Now, Horace must travel the world and reunite with everyone else.
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  • Bittersweet Ending: After a long, hard, and harsh journey, as well as losing the lives of The Professor, Heather, Preston, and Fort, Horace finally manages to bring an end to the war and save both the humans and the robots. Sadly, he's infected with the same virus that started to kill the other robots, but lives long enough for him to see the birth of Stilton and his wife's baby. Thankfully, he gets to go to heaven to be with the Old Man, who is his father, and Heather.
  • Book-Ends: The story starts with a Horace meeting an Old Man, his wife, and Heather. In the end, Stilton's kid says the same thing to refer to him, his wife, and their Heather.
  • Chekhov's Gag: While traveling in time with a recently dead Professor, Preston gives a fake ghost story that only Horace naively believes to be true. In order to convince Fort, a robot who just lost his girlfriend that the afterlife exists, Horace tells the same ghost story for Fort to regain his faith in heaven.
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  • Computer Voice: Horace is voiced using text-to-speech. Both the Ether Boss and Stilton and his wife's child also uses a computer voice.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: To broadcast a "NICE Virus" to turn the robots good, Horace must journey through the mansion and defeat several elemental robots. A giant sphere that blows wind, an earth golem that throws rocks, a mermaid-bot that swims in the water, and a bomb-throwing pyro complete with a jetpack. The final robot, a giant robot brain in a jar called the Ether Boss, is revealed to have been a Psycho Prototype who gained control over the nanobots, and was sealed away due to being too powerful.
  • Great Off Screen War: The Human/Robot war which kicks off after Horace is deactivated due to humans forcing the robots to fight each other. Even after Horace wakes up, the war is still ongoing.
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  • If I Do Not Return: While flying a Rocket to the Moon, it starts to catch fire, during which Preston reveals that he stole the money from the heist that went wrong, and used it for drugs. Stilton wasn't pleased by this fact.
  • It Was a Gift: Though Horace didn't understand it, the gravity shoes that he wears were supposed to be a gift from The Old Man before he died during the process of giving them to him
  • Mercy Kill: A time traveling Professor sacrifices himself to kill the Ether Boss, stopping the broadcast of the KILL virus. The Ether Boss's response?
    Ether Boss: Thank You!
  • Tragic Keepsake: The reason Alice is such a hoarder, specifically bikes? She had a son that died in a bicycle accident.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: All robots that came after Horace had his personality, like his love of video games, sports, and music, but not his growth and love for humans. When said robots were forced to kill each other? They instead turned their guns on the humans, and have been trying to destroy humanity since Horace fell asleep.

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