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Hi-Way is an Atari Arcade Game from 1975. It's one of the first Driving Games, and the first with a sit-down cockpit cabinet. You drive a car down a twisting, vertically-scrolling road in Top-Down View. You can't crash, hitting other cars or driving off the road just slows you down. You score points for distance driven, and the game ends when you run out of time.

Hi-Way provides examples of:

  • Arcade Game: The first arcade driving game with a sit-down cabinet, and it was open on the top and sides like an open-wheeled race car. This not only made it more realistic, it meant that everyone else in the arcade could see how you were doing.
  • Attract Mode: The car moves from left to right across the screen and wraps around, while the road scrolls by beneath.
  • Driving Game: An early, primitive example, in black and white and Top-Down View. You drive a car that looks like a white box with wheels on a road that weaves left and right across the screen.
  • In-Vehicle Invulnerability: Hitting cars or going off the road just slows you down.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Where are you going? To get a high score.
  • Scoring Points: A point is awarded for every couple of screen lengths' worth of driving.
  • Timed Mission: Drive as far as possible before time runs out to get a high score.
  • Top-Down View: The way you view the road.