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Heroes & Generals is a game set during the ending months of World War II. The Americans are launching Operation Overlord over in the West and the Soviets are gaining ever more ground in the East, meanwhile, Germany is struggling to survive while attacked on both fronts. You play as any of the three factions, and your goal is to lead your faction to victory by having them capture a decisive part of Europe's major cities.

One thing that this game brings to the table, however, is the fact that players can partake either in the Strategy Game and send tens of thousands of troops clashing about for the control of most of Europe, or instead join the Action Game and play as one of those troops in small missions that lead to entire battles being won or lost. The outcome of a battle is decided by the work done by the heroes on the field (or the auto-resolve system if no-one takes the helm) and the location of battles and all the equipment provided to those Heroes is directed by the Generals.


All battles are divided into two categories :

  • Skirmish battles are set on small maps and involve two forces fighting for three simultaneously open control points on relatively small maps (so small that planes aren't authorized to participate). Victory points are awarded by holding the majority of control points. These battles happen when a force encounters another enemy force or first reaches any defended town.
  • Major battles are set on regular maps and involve two forces (or even three in some specific cases) fighting through the control of supply lines to finally progress towards central map objectives. Victory is awarded to the attackers once they capture all map objectives, and victory is awarded to the defenders if they manage to hold the town for long enough or completely rout the attackers by seizing all their supply lines.

As for the Strategy Game, players with enough experience from the Action Game are allowed to purchase and deploy Assault Teams on the Campaign Map, small squads of soldiers with assigned supplies that form the backbone of all attack teams. These Assault Teams are what Heroes will be using for their equipment and spawns. For instance, normal Infantry is on foot, Motorized Infantry has access to cars, Mechanized Infantry has access to APCs. Available Assault Teams include Infantry, Guards (smaller teams of Infantry), Recon, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Fighter Squadrons.

This game is currently in development and changes are frequent. Thus, even core game mechanics may be modified rapidly.

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