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Video Game / Hell Girls

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Hell Girls is a Puzzle Game with light RPG elements, developed and published by Sakura Game. It received a Steam release on January 12, 2017.

Gameplay consists of battling monsters through matching symbols; the more of a specific symbol is connected in one turn, the greater the effect. Large chains can summon Spell Books, which has a different effect for every Maiden; Fire activates symbols and destroys obstacles in a radius around it, Ice activates/destroys rows and columns, and Lightning targets obstacles anywhere on the board. Each of the three playable Maidens also has access to different skills, as well as preferences for certain symbols when in combat. The Maidens can also gain improved stats by investing experience in them, as well as by finding outfits that change their 3D character models.


This game provides examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: They're never mentioned in-game, but searching the game's files reveals that the protagonists' names are Ella (Fire Maiden), Debby (Lightning Maiden), and Susan (Ice Maiden).
  • Excuse Plot: Once every century, three maidens are born with elemental powers, chosen by the Gods to work together to fight back Hell's corruption. And...that's about it, really.
  • Fanservice: Each of the maidens can acquire three alternate outfits that affect their battle performance, including swimsuits. Additionally, there are CGs that depict the girls in sexy scenes, such as Lightning feeling up Fire's chest in a Hot Spring after a battle.