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Video Game / Heavy Water Jogger

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Heavy Water Jogger is a top-down, third-person perspective action game that was released by Viable Software Alternatives for DOS PCs in 1992. It is now abandonware, and can be freely downloaded or played in a browser here.

One day, Fred Fluke, owner of Three-Miles-Inland nuclear plant arrives at work to find that one of the plant's senior technicians, fed up with being paid minimum wage, has finally snapped and set the nuclear reactor to self-destruct. Fluke has only 30 minutes to make it to the control room and avert a disaster.

In Heavy Water Jogger, you, of course, play Fred Fluke himself, the man tasked with saving the town. Beginning at the entrance to the nuclear plant, you must make your way through the maze-like building to the control room at the center.

Your task would be hard enough if you only had to navigate the maze, but on top of that, the plant's V7734 model security robots have gone haywire, and if they catch you, they'll zap you back to the beginning of the maze.

Heavy Water Jogger is a game where you can't lose. Even if you run out of health or time, the game will simply pretend the whole thing never happened, and start over from the beginning. (For this reason, the game also doesn't allow you to save your game at any point.) The game is designed to be intentionally frustrating, often sending you back to start from scratch but never actually ending until you win.


This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: Fred Fluke.
  • Bottomless Pits: Downplayed. There are pits of heavy water, but falling into them only reduces your health by a little bit, and gives you a message "That's no way to solve anything."
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Here, they are called "Walkthrough", "Sorta Hard", and "Impenitrable".
  • Mook Bouncer: The patrol robots act in this manner; getting zapped by one states that it returned you to an entrance "for your own safety". Moreover, they won't just patrol within their initial screen, but will actually keep on chasing you!
  • Nintendo Hard: You will not have an easy time winning this game.
  • Take Your Time: Believe or not, nothing happens if you run out of time.