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Haunted Memories is a series of episodic Survival Horror games by polish indie developers MadMan Theory Games loosely based on The Slender Man Mythos.

The first installment in the series, Haunted Memories: Haunt, started life as an expansive, stand-alone remake of Slender.

In this game you play as an unidentified protagonist who finds themself in Greenwood Park at night. Soon after finding a running truck with some files nearby he hears a woman scream and ventures into the park to find out what happened and a way out. Everyone's favourite stalker soon shows up and the chase is on.


The second chapter, Haunted Memories: Welcome Home, has you playing as Jackson, a man whose car crashes near a darkened old mansion. Charlie, an attorney who witnessed the crash, brings Jackson to spend the night in the mansion. However, Charlie quickly turns up dead, and the statues scattered around the house are revealed to be more than simple decorations...

Now let's clear up some confusion concerning the game's name. The game was first released under the title Haunt: The Real Slender Game, probably in order to invoke an External Retcon effect towards the games massive reinterpretation of the Slender Man mythos. However it was quickly changed to Haunt: Slender when the creators realized that the name could be (and was) misinterpreted as negative evaluation of Agent Parsec's game. In mid-2013 it was announced that the game would be remade from the bottom-up and be given five commercial follow-ups. With this announcement the project changed name again to avoid confusion and legal conflicts with the Xbox Live Arcade horror game Haunt, this time to the current Haunted Memories.


The games website is here while the game itself is available from Steam here. The earlier version Haunt: Slender is still available from that games website.

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