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GYEE is a free-to-play mobile RPG for Android and iOS. The game is notable for being aimed towards the LGBT community, although mostly at gay men, similar to Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. The majority of the collectible characters are men, most of which are implied to be gay.

The premise is as follows. You are just an ordinary man who were going to a board game cafe with your friends. However, soon after you entered, the owner showed you a strange cube, and when you touched it your soul got sucked into it. When you woke up, you found yourself in another world called Luxium. In this world, there exists a separate category of humans called "Gyee" (pronounced 'guy-ee') who has a greater affinity with Flux and may have some beastly appearances. The Gyees are subjects to discrimination among the populace, with some even fearing that they are harbinger of the dreadful Shadows. Your only clue to return home is this weird flying-bun-creature who came out of the cube and told you to make as many links with these Gyees as possible.

Gyee is developed by Kiwifruit Studio, and was first released in Chinese in early 2019. An English version was released for the Southeast Asia region in late 2019, and later for North America/Europe region in middle 2020. A Japanese version was also released in 2019, under the name Sanctus Senki: Gyee, although it is managed by a different company.

Gyee provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: The game has many normal, mundane sounding names like Eddie or Mike, right next to weird ones like Nemesio or Queerix.
  • Allegedly Free Game: Like most other gacha mobile games out there, the game itself is free to download, but it contains loads and loads of in-app purchases to boost your progression.
  • All There in the Manual: The world of Luxium has a rich lore and history...all of which are written only on the game's website and nowhere in the game itself. Answering some of the Daily Quiz questions pretty much require you to read them. Reading the game dialogues only give you hints on the world's history.
  • Amulet of Concentrated Awesome: The mysterious cube that sent you to Luxium turns out to be the Wheel of Fate, an ancient powerful artifact. It's also the source of the Avatar's powers in Luxium.
  • Artificial Stupidity: In Rupor Show battles, sometimes you have the victory condition of killing the boss without killing any minions. However, some of them also has an AI-controlled guest member who doesn't care about the victory condition and attack the minions anyway.
  • Beast Man: Lore-wise, Gyees can have beast-like traits. While most characters look perfectly human, some belongs in this trope. Bernard and Moon are bear men, Yang and Chang are wolfmen, and Hachi is a tigerman. Kitty, on the other hand, only has a pair of cat ears. Chang mentions "staying in beast form all the time", implying he does have a human form (and other humanoid Gyees have beastmen forms), although we never see it.
  • Can't Drop the Hero: Your party consists of three Gyees and the Avatar. The Avatar must be present at all times. Fortunately, there are up to nine different skillsets for the Avatar, and he can change between them anytime outside of battle, so he can fulfill whatever role is necessary.
  • The Chosen One: The player character is chosen by the Wheel of Fate to save the world of Luxium from whatever danger is approaching. In one side-story, the Saintly Church also identifies you as the Hand of Ka, or basically the one chosen by Ka to banish evil.
  • Color-Coded Elements: Fire Is Red, Water Is Blue, Wood is green, Earth is brown, Metal is yellow, and Arcana is purple.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The game color codes a lot of things with White-Green-Blue-Purple-Gold tiers, with White being the weakest and Gold being the strongest. This ranges from Gyee rarity, item rarity, Artisoul strength, and even Artisoul's individual stats.
  • Combination Attack: Hitting an enemy's elemental weakness will "Suppress" them. If all enemies are suppressed you can launch a Flux Combo, an attack from your entire party which deals massive damage to all enemies. However, you need all four party members to be alive to launch it.
  • The Corruption: The Shadow is an evil force capable of corrupting regular creatures into mindless, chaotic Shadowbeasts. It can also affect the beastmen.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: In Arena, sometimes you face bots instead of real players, and some of them don't play by the rules. For example, a bot Hart can use his ultimate skill on the first turn, which is normally impossible since he needs 45 Rage to use it and Rage starts at 0. A more infamous example is bot Mira using her ultimate skill multiple times in a row, which is impossible because using the ultimate skill consumes all Rage.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Kaism is practically Christianity, what with a singular God Is Good teachings, churches around the world, and priests being divided into hierarchies.
  • Damager, Healer, Tank: Gyees are classified into five classes. Three damage dealers (Warrior, Ranger, Mage), one healer (Support), and one defense (Tank). The game itself advises you to have a balanced party of these roles. There was another class, Morph, whose members can switch forms and skills in battle, but the class has been discontinued and its members reclassified into other classes.
  • Draw Aggro: A special mechanic of the Tank class is to draw the enemies' hatred level (which determines their targets) to them at the start of the battle. Even if they lose hatred to someone else, they can regain hatred much easier.
  • Dump Stat:
    • From Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, each class only focuses on one when leveling up, and pretty much ignores the other two. Warriors and Tanks focus on Strength, Rangers focus on Dexterity, while Mages and Supports focus on Intelligence.
    • Accuracy is the stat that makes your attacks less likely to be blocked. However, since only single target melee attacks can be blocked, only Warriors need to worry about this stat. Rangers and Mages can ignore this stat with zero negative consequences, while Tanks and Supports are not for dealing damage.
    • P.PEN (Physical Penetration) and M.PEN (Magical Penetration) makes your attacks ignore a certain portion of the enemy's Physical Defense and Magical Defense, respectively. Since each characters is either purely physical or purely magical, PPEN is completely useless to magical characters and MPEN is completely useless to physical characters.
    • The Healing stats improves the healing you receive from other sources. Almost nobody builds this stat. In general, one healer is usually enough to sustain your team even without this stat. Only Tanks with high HP really benefit from the increased healing, but even then it only comes up in specific circumstances. The fact that this stat shares an enchantment slot with the generally much more useful Mastery stat doesn't help.
  • Elemental Powers: Each Gyee is associated with one of the six Flux attributes: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Arcana. In the lore, there was a seventh type, Light, but it was gone after the fall of Azria.
  • Enemy Without: A Perversion is a manifestation of someone's negative thoughts and emotions, brought to form with the power of the Shadows.
  • Fantastic Racism: Gyees are discriminated by most of the world's populace because they are suspected of being allies with the Shadows. The White Capes is an organization dedicated to capturing and subjugating Gyees they find.
  • Fantastic Slur: "Yellow-Eye" is a derogatory term towards Gyees, coming from their Supernatural Gold Eyes. In turnm some Gyees also use the term "Mundane" to look down upon ordinary humans.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Like most gacha games, you can obtain a character for your party way before you actually meet them in the story. It also works in the other way, in the end of chapter 7 Kitty joins you in your adventure, but you won't be able to use him if you haven't obtained him in gameplay.
  • Guest Fighter: The game includes some characters from other franchises. So far it has Lin Hu, Likulau, and Yan Shu-chi from Nekojishi, Raikoh and Radian from Paradiso Guardian, Koichi Mizuki and Caius from The Titan's Bride, and Rald, Kovit, Oki and Okan from Full Service.
  • Hub City: Never Isle. Most of the game's daily events are accessed through talking to various NPCs in the island.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Inverted. The game has more than 40 collectible characters for your party, but the number of female characters is in the single digits.
  • Level-Up at Intimacy 5: One of the ways to strengthen a Gyee is to raise their Intimacy Level, which can be done by giving them gifts or inviting them for a drink. Raising Intimacy not only unlocks a Gyee's gallery pictures and their side-story, but also level up their skills.
  • LOL, 69: The game likes to reference the number. For example, the calendar icon for the Daily Missions are on Year 6 Day 9. Another example is how Lee and Mike often say 31% discounts when offering you deals (100 - 31 = 69).
  • Loot Boxes: Standard for a gacha game, the main way to obtain characters is to summon them from the Gate of Pacts. The result, however, is random, and you might not even get a Gyee, getting various items instead. Fortunately, summoning ten times in a row will guarantee you at least one Gyee. And if you're summoning from a specific banner, you're guaranteed the featured character after summoning seven or ten other Gyees.
  • Mana: Known as "Flux", these are the magical energies that spellcasters in Luxium use to perform magic. A Gyee is a human who is naturally capable of controlling them.
  • Mana Meter: There are three different systems to use for casting skills, with each Gyee using one of the systems:
    • Mana: Typically used by Mages and Support Gyees. Each character starts with 100 Mana and regain 30 Mana every turn. Each skill consumes Mana, with stronger skills consuming more Mana.
    • Rage: Typically used by Warriors and some Tanks. Each character starts with 0 Rage, and gain Rage everytime they use their basic and advanced skills, or when they receive damage from enemies. However, they also lose 10 Rage every turn if they do nothing. The character's ultimate skill consumes all Rage, getting stronger the higher the Rage meter is.
    • Concentration: Typically used by Rangers and some Tanks. Each character starts with 100 Focus and 0 Concentration. Using basic and advanced skills consumes Focus but gains Concentration. The ultimate skill consumes 3 or more Concentration, getting stronger with each Concentration consumed.
  • Market-Based Title: The game is called Sanctus Senki in Japan.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: The Morph class, whose members can switch between multiple forms in battle, altering their skillsets. However, it was discontinued and its two members re-classified to other classes (Rupor to Tank, and Yaen to Mage). You can still see this class in several screens, although it will give you nothing.
  • Nipple and Dimed: Averted, exposed chests also show the nipples. Considering many men either are Walking Shirtless Scenes or wear stripperific outfits, you can bet you'll see many of them. That said, the trope is only for the men, and there are no female bare chests or nipples shown in the game.
  • Non-Indicative Difficulty: The Map Scramble battles have Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty, pitting you against different enemies each, but the Hard battle is actually the easiest. The Easy battle has minions that can inflict Chaos, causing your units to kill each other. The Medium battle's boss will release an attack that can wipe over 90% of your entire team's HP around 5 turns into the battle. The Hard battle on the other hand, is a run-of-the-mill fight without any annoying gimmicks, the only challenge being enemies with high HP.
  • Plot Coupon: You travel around Luxium, trying to infuse the Wheel of Fate with the power of the Six Grand Nexus, in hope of going back home to Earth.
  • Power Crystal: Nexuses are devices created to contain Flux. There are also the six (formerly seven) Grand Nexuses, one for each element, which serves as the Plot Coupon of the story.
  • Saintly Church: The Church of Ka is one of the major forces in Luxium, and their priests are almost always depicted as good people trying to help both Gyees and normal people.
  • Status Effects: The game has plenty of status effects, separated into several categories. To make things more confusing, sometimes the same status effect can have different names. For example, Lin Hu can inflict the Worship status effect, but it is actually considered as Sleep by the game.
    • Curse: The status effects under this category reduce the afflicted character's stats.
    • Damage Over Time: The afflicted character takes damage at the start of their turn. Further subcategorized as Poison, Bleed, Burn, and Shadow types, with each subtype having different skills to cleanse them.
    • Control: The afflicted character is incapable of using some of their skillsets, if not losing their turn altogether. Each Control status has different effects:
      • Silence: The character can only use basic skills.
      • Freeze: The character cannot use melee skills.
      • Cover: The character cannot use ranged skills.
      • Tremble: The character cannot use physical attacks.
      • Stun: The character cannot do anything and automatically skips their turn.
      • Sleep: The character cannot do anything and skips their turn. This status is gone when taking damage.
      • Oppression: The character cannot do anything and skips their turn.
      • Paralysis: The character cannot do anything and skips their turn. They also cannot be targeted by healing skills.
      • Taunt: The character loses control and automatically attack the caster with their basic attack.
      • Fear: The character cannot target the caster. Any area of effect attacks will also not hit the caster.
      • Chaos: The character loses control and automatically uses their basic attack to one random unit, either ally or enemy.
      • Deform: The character is transformed into a weak monster that can only use weak basic attacks.
    • Special: The status effects in this category have wildly differing effects. Each one usually can only be inflicted by one specific character, usually related to their unique gimmick. Usually these effects cannot be dispelled by any means. For example, Mira can inflict Obsession, which makes the target takes extra damage from Mira. Another example, Brian can inflict the Warrant status, which does nothing but marks the target for Brian's complicated special mechanics.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: A mark of a Gyee is their eyes glowing yellow when they're feeling intense emotions. According to the lore, this is an indication of the Flux running through their body mixing with their human life force. When your Gyees reach epiphany level 4, they get alternate palettes showing them with yellow eyes.
  • Trapped in Another World: You're just an ordinary dude living on Earth, but then you suddenly got transported to Luxium where you have an adventure.