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Gun Crazy is an Retraux action platformer with Shoot 'Em Up-style gameplay, released for PC through Steam on November 12th, 2019.

It is set sometime in the future, and the player controls a girl with robot fists who blasts her way through a whole lot of robots, vehicles and monsters across the game's four stages because...reasons. It's unapologetically focused on gameplay, being a low-cost experience that can be finished in minutes or take away hours, all depending on the player's skill.

Unrelated to the 1950 Film Noir of the same name.


Tropes present in this game:

  • Action Girl: The protagonist.
  • Airborne Mook: There are green insectoid things that hover roughly above the player and drop bouncy green slime things.
  • Animal Mecha: The second boss is a snake/worm-like robot that somehow shows up from behind the player. It dies very quickly if immediately targeted, though.
  • Attack Drone: Small, perfectly circular drones that float in mid-air fire orbs from their "eye" are a recurring enemy.
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: Played straight for basically everything you encounter.
  • Elevator Action Sequence: The entire second stage is set within a single-screen elevator, with enemies constantly swarming in from above as it ascends.
  • Everything Fades: Everything, including tanks and giant robots, is apparently vaporized without a trace when they explode after getting hit by your gun.
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  • Flash of Pain: Enemies flash either red or white when shot at.
  • Flying Car: This game's future has a wheelless police car that hovers a limited distance above the ground at good speed. You ride an elevator where it's parked while being constantly attacked during the game's second stage, and then shoot more enemies while on top of said car speeding along the highway during the third stage.
  • Gameplay Ally Immortality: Absolutely none of the lasers and other projectiles during the third stage will even register on the flying car you are riding, so just try to dodge all those shots yourself.
  • Rocket-Tag Gameplay: You possess an extremely powerful weapon and can kill everything in your path (including literal tanks and level bosses) very quickly, but will die to the successful attacks from your opponents just as quickly.
  • Spread Shot: An alternate attack for your weapon fires it in a spread of three.
  • Tank Goodness: Inverted. The fourth level begins with several tanks in a row as your opponents, but if you have made it this far, you'll likely destroy them all in seconds, and be barely inconvenienced by the predictable shots from their cannon.
  • Videogame Dashing: A dash that that propels the character roughly two steps forward is a move that can be done pretty much indefinitely.
  • A Winner Is You: As soon as you defeat the Final Boss, the game shows nothing but "Congratulations!", and then rolls its brief credits, before thanking you for playing again.