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After Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released in late 2010, development of all games in the series (including spinoffs DJ Hero and Band Hero) were cancelled, the Hero franchise was discontinued by Activision in February 2011, and Neversoft's Guitar Hero division was liquidated. However, in April 2011, Activision changed their tune, claiming the series was now on "hiatus" and they claimed that a new game would be released in 2012, focusing solely on the guitar gameplay with a new redesigned guitar controller; however, numerous problems plagued the project and was subsequently cancelled. On March 31, 2014, downloadable content for the entire series was removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store, and Wii Shop Channel.

On April 14, 2015, Activision unveiled a reboot of the franchise, Guitar Hero Live, competing with Rock Band 4 that same year.

Developed by DJ Hero studio FreeStyleGames (today Ubisoft Leamington), the game utilizes a new six-button guitar (not six in a row, however; six in two rows of three), and replaces the classic 3D rendered stages with a first-person perspective of the guitarist using Full Motion Video. The game also features compatibility with microphones and karaoke, which were added in a later update.

GHTV, the online portion of the game, was shuttered on December 1, 2018, taking away hundreds of songs with it and reducing the catalog to only the less than 50 ones on the game disc (the Live mode songs).

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     In General 

     Live mode 

  • Audience Participation Song: More pronounced in this game, when the audience will sing along with the chorus if you are playing good enough, or if Hero Power is activated
  • Comeback Mechanic: The Hero Power that emulates the classic star power from previous games (Double Multiplier) in the series is the only comeback available in Live mode
  • Critical Backlash: In Universe, If you do bad enough on a song, people will try to get on stage to attack you, but not before being taken down by a bouncer
  • Downloadable Content: Hinted at in an interview with Jamie Jackson, where he states that the team can get more venues available based on different countries festivals. (He stated that the first DLC will probably involve a new festival in Canada)
  • Full Motion Video: Instead of the pre-rendered stages and the custom characters, the game has the player take the role of a real life guitarist and take the first person view of the entire audience alongside their band, with them reacting accordingly if the player is good or bad.
  • One-Hit Wonder: In Universe, the Out Outs are afraid of becoming one.
  • The Pete Best: In Universe, Broken Tide had more commercial success after they replaced their lead singer and drummer.

     GHTV mode 

Tropes Regarding Music Videos Included in GHTV