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Grammar Games is an Edutainment Game for PC and Mac created in the 1990s by Davidson & Associates, the same company that made the Blaster Series.

It consists of four minigames:

  • Rainforest Rescue alternates between a grammar quiz and a video game, asking players to answer grammatical questions in order to fill up their fuel tanks and then allowing players to fly a helicopter around the rainforest, putting out fires and saving animals.
  • Jungle Gizmo asks the player to pick the correct form of a noun, and each correct answer builds a new component of a Rube Goldberg Device.
  • Falling Fruit asks the player to insert appropriate punctuation into sentences by moving a toucan around and catching the correct punctuation marks.
  • Hidden Wonders is an editing exercise in which the player corrects all of the errors on the page.


This game provides examples of:

  • The Amazon: The whole game is themed around a rainforest setting. The game's rainforest may or may not be the Amazon, but it's definitely Central or South American. The stories constructed in "Falling Fruit" and "Hidden Wonders" take place in various rainforests around the world.
  • Green Aesop: "Rainforest Rescue" involves saving the rainforest from bulldozers and forest fires. In addition, the writings used for the activity's grammar quiz often includes warnings about deforestation.
  • Native Guide: In the "Falling Fruit" and "Hidden Wonders" stories, the main character often has one of these or at least tries to acquire one.
  • Noble Savage: Any natives featured in the "Falling Fruit" and "Hidden Wonders" stories will follow this trope.
  • Rube Goldberg Device: As noted above, you construct one in "Jungle Gizmo".
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  • XenoFiction: Although most have a human protagonist, some of the "Falling Fruit" and "Hidden Wonders" stories are told from the perspective of a jungle animal.

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