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GREED: Black Border is a sci-fi Action RPG developed by Clock Stone Software and released by Head Up Games for the PC in 2009. It uses the same isometric view, equipment doll and other features popularized by Diablo, though with much more emphasis on ranged combat with various guns.

It's 20 Minutes into the Future, and humanity has spread out amongst the stars, establishing itself in five different colonial nations, who are at war over a new and valuable resource, Ikarium. This stuff glows yellow and can be used as money, weapon enhancement, rocket fuel or even conveniently-placed Exploding Barrels. The problem is, the stuff is only found on a few tightly-controlled planets owned by colonial authorities, so "wildcat" miners and the like go out in search of new worlds that hopefully host deposits of the stuff.


The player takes the role of one of three ex-government operatives, The Plasma, The Pyro or The Marine, who've recently struck out on their own in search of fortune. Their journey gets sidetracked when their ship gets auto-grabbed by a seemingly derelict mining vessel…

The game can be played alone or with up to two others cooperatively.

GREED provides examples of: