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Freejack Online, known more commonly as simply “Freejack”, is a free-to-play online parkour Racing Game developed by Game Bridger Entertainment and released by GamerKraft, downloadable for free on their website.

It is set in “New Jack City”, a city made up of such varied locales as a mining complex, a china town, an urban seaside and outer space.The story starts with a mysterious figure known as “Freejack” appearing in the city and causing an explosion in the popularity of freerunning, attracting many colorful characters from various backgrounds to the city for each their own reasons, but mostly jumping off things as fast as possible.

The main portion of the game consists of online races against other players, either using items in a manner vaguely akin to Mario Kart or with no items to focus purely on your raw speed and skill. There is also a brutally hard mission mode, which contains most of the in-game plot advancement.

As of August 2013, the client for Freejack Online has stopped working altogether. Players can't even download it. There is a rumor that the creators got into a copyright infringement over their music by Jet Set Radio.


This game provides examples of:

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Justified, as ability cards are applied to clothing. The more clothes you have, the more you can raise your stats.
  • Beach Episode / Port Town: Scorching Seaside, Sunny Harbour and Port Twilight.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: While the grammar in the interface is mostly correct, the dialogue in mission mode is loaded with confusing engrish.
  • Calling Your Attacks: The names of special attacks are yelled by the characters using them.
  • Cel Shading: Subverted. It uses cartoony colours and dark outlines, but has a realistic lighting system. Still looks and awful lot like Jet Set Radio, though.
  • Fake Difficulty: A lot of the missions rely on inadequate time limits and just plain unfair scenarios to be as insanely tough as they are. Even the tutorials have caused trouble for many players.
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  • Le Parkour: Pretty much the whole point of the game.
  • Made of Iron: Granted, it takes quite a bit of physical endurance to be a freerunner. It still looks extremely unrealistic when getting hit by a car just causes your character to trip and keep running.
    • Also, rolling upon landing will negate any damage from a fall, no matter how high.
  • Minecart Madness: Subverted with Gold Rush. There are minecart rails, but instead of riding a cart on them, you grind them.
  • Only Six Faces: Averted. While there are only four base character models to choose from, each one comes with multiple faces you can apply. Played straight with NPCs, though. See You ALL Look Familiar.
  • You ALL Look Familiar: There are only a handful of different NPC models, and they rarely shift to fit the current setting. In the stages set in space, all NPCs are wearing space helmets, even though the player characters racing aren't.


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