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Video Game / Framed 1995

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Framed is a game released in 1995 for DOS by Machination.

You have been Framed and thrown into a foreign jail. Your quest is to escape the jail and then prove your innocence.

Although it is a side-scroller, arcade game in similar style to the Commander Keen Series, there is a deeper plot and more true "adventure" elements in Framed. While you do have weapons and ammunition, there are ways to avoid shooting enemies altogether. Up to 16 inventory items can be held at one time and some can be combined to use to solve a situation or puzzle.


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This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Clear My Name: The main character has been thrown in jail for murder that he didn't commit.
  • Intrepid Reporter: The main character is a freelance journalist, and this is likely what got him into trouble in the first place.
  • You Wake Up in a Room: A jail cell, to be precise.


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