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This page is for the 1996 adventure game. If you're looking for the 2013 Beat-'em-Up, go here.

"Sir John Stiffening has been found murdered!"

Foul Play - Mystery at Awkward Manor is a first person murder mystery adventure game. It was released for PC and Mac in 1996 and developed by Armchair Travel, who are known for creating interactive tours of international heritage sites.

An adaptation of Clue, Foul Play expands greatly on it's board game roots, including ten levels of difficulty that add new features, such as questioning suspects, determining the time of the murder, and searching the individual rooms for clues. The multiplayer mode has players take turns of a set length, so everyone gets a turn to investigate, and uses little tricks to ensure that, even if the other players are watching over your shoulder, they don't know the truth behind your clues unless you want them to.


Foul Play uses Armchair's experience making virtual tours of historical buildings to create a gorgeous english manor, made from over 5,000 photos, and 65 videos of actors playing the potentially murderous six guests, as well as the helpful butler and an officer of Scotland Yard who comes to cart away the murderer.

Not to be confused with the film, Foul Play.

The game contains examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion: While not an official port of Clue/Cluedo, it is obviously based very firmly on the board game, but it adds rooms to the mansion, weapons, interviews with other suspects, the ability to search for clues, the ever-helpful butler and a "time of the murder" additional mechanic. Also, each is given a backstory and a reason for murdering Sir John.
  • The Butler Did It: Inverted. The butler is helpful to everyone, and never considered as a possible solution.
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  • Feelies: The game came boxed with some INCREDIBLY USEFUL checklists for eliminating or confirming suspects, times, murder weapons, etc.
  • Pixel Hunt: Finding some of the hiding places for clues can be rather frustrating, especially on the shortest turn timer.
  • Punny Name: Mrs. Thatcham, Mrs. Drabble, Miss Sang Lo, Dr. Quandry, Major Gallop and Senator Bluster... and of course, the victim, Sir John Stiffening.
  • Race Lift: Miss Scarlet from the board game becomes Miss Sang Lo, a singer from Hong Kong.