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Forgotten Books is an upcoming series of Hidden Object games created by ERS Game Studios.

In The Enchanted Crown, the main character is a journalist who is sucked into the land of Torelion which resides within a book. The character must stop the dark mage Eldor from finding the Enchanted Crown before midnight, which is when he will kill the Guardian King of the world. However, a mysterious author starts drawing peculiar obstacles to stop them from advancing any further.

Tropes present:

  • Aerith and Bob: King Kelen, Dark Mage Eldor, White Rabbit Chancellor Liev and...Amelia, King Kelen's mother.
  • Bears Are Bad News: A giant bear is the guardian of the secret hiding place.
  • Big Bad: Eldor, the dark mage. Presumably he's done this before.
  • Developer's Foresight: The read-out on the digital clock in the library is whatever time is on the computer when the game is played.
  • Distressed Dude: King Kelen, having been captured by Eldor in exchange for the Enchanted Crown.
  • Everything's Better with Rainbows: A sneak peek scene has a tree with a rainbow trunk.
  • Follow the White Rabbit: Inverted. After the player character lands in Torelion, Liev approaches them.
  • In the Hood: Amelia, King Kelen's mother.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The turtle-shell shield can nullify Eldor's magic, but only if there is no fear in the person's heart. Amelia is worried for her son's safety, thus while she was protected by it, the shield was shattered in the process.
  • Macguffin: The Enchanted Crown.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Liev, the bear and Eldor are rendered in CG.
  • Portal Book: The book that leads to Torelion.
  • Taking the Bullet: Liev takes an attack from Eldor for the player. He survives.
  • Thieving Magpie: One is found, and a hidden object scene results in finding objects that it stole.
  • When the Clock Strikes Twelve: An hourglass marks the time until midnight, which is when Eldor wants the crown. If not, King Kelen will be killed.