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The Most Delicious Game Ever!

Food Fighter Clicker is an Idle Game for smartphones by fffungame released in 2020. You play as a teenage-looking boy who at first is full with a single boiled egg, but as he eats and makes money, can take on more difficult to eat dishes. However, he can't bite more than he can chew, and even if he can chew, he still needs to digest everything he's eaten. There are upgrades to buy and clothes as well as furniture that can be won by gacha.

This game provides examples of:

  • Ad Reward: You can watch ads to get gems, or earn double rewards from a challenge. Watching enough of them lets you claim a gem reward in the achievements tab.
  • Big Eater: The player character, past a certain point, can eat plates of food without a break.
  • Button Mashing: Every challenge revolves around tapping the screen rapidly to eat all the food.
  • Cooldown: Abilities like drinking water, farting, and taking a dump have a cooldown of one minute or longer.
  • Critical Hit: You have a chance for a critical bite and a critical chew, making those processes go much faster. You can also upgrade the power and probability of both.
  • Experience Booster: The table and the teddy bear multiply the amount of experience earned.
  • Expressive Health Bar: The owner's anger meter acts as a health bar in unlimited refill challenges. His expression next to it becomes more and more agitated as the bar fills.
  • An Interior Designer Is You: You can buy furniture for gems. It's, put in set places in the room and every piece increases a stat slightly. You can refine them to increase stats further.
  • Kaizo Trap: In the food challenges, even if you eat everything on the table, you still have to swallow it. If your chewing's bad or your stomach was full beforehand, you're probably screwed.
  • Money Multiplier: The table and the blender multiply the amount of money earned.
  • Never Gets Fat: Despite eating metric tons of food that has massive amounts of calories, the playable character doesn't put on weight.
  • Nutritional Nightmare: Most of the food has so many calories it's insane. A bowl of ramen has 56B 3,153A (5.63153e9) calories according to the game.
  • Play Every Day: You can claim a gem reward every day, but it's bugged and will only give a "Please check your internet connection" message.
  • Rank Inflation: Ranks for things start at D and go to A, then AA, then S and SS, then R and RR, then seemingly random letters up to XX.
  • Super Mode: When a bar at the top fills up, the boy is surrounded by a red aura and can eat food much faster while not worrying about chewing or digesting until the time runs out.
  • Time-Limit Boss: Every food challenge has to be beaten within 30 seconds with extra time for every eaten item. The same applies to every unlimited refill challenge, though there are 3 minutes and no time bonuses.
  • Victory Pose: The boy always lifts his arms and open his eyes and mouth wide upon beating a challenge.