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Video Game / Fly Like a Bird

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Fly Like a Bird is a single- or multiplayer game created by Gamevial in which players can fly, make nests, lay eggs, and poop as any of nine birds in four different scenes.

This work provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: The eagle.
  • Incorrect Animal Noise:
    • The Barn Owl (famous for being a silent flier) makes noise when it flaps its wings.
    • Though the eagle is of ambiguous species, it most closely resembles a Golden Eagle, but makes the sound of a red-tailed hawk.
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  • Misplaced Wildlife: Blue-and-Gold Macaws. In the snow.
  • Zerg Rush: Robins and starlings are common picks for Griefers, due to their small size and speed.


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