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Final Fantasy VII New Threat is a mod of the eponymous seventh game of the nerve-twistingly popular Final Fantasy series, made by Sega Chief. The current version is the v. 2.0.

In this mod, enemies, stats, weapons and Materia have been tweaked and rebalanced. The enemies and bosses have been made more powerful and challenging. The party members' stats have been tweaked to make each of them more unique, and a new system called the "Soul Point system" allows the player to specialize them by increasing some of their stats after a few key story events. Weapons and equipment often give stat boosts, so depending on a character's build, simply going to a new town and buying the new equipment will not always be the solution. Finally, the stat boosts of the Materia, as well as the effects and the MP costs of the magic, summons, and enemy skills, have been changed.


However, the mod isn't only a rebalancing of the gameplay. It also adds a few new enemies and bosses. Finally, it slightly changes some aspects of the story: It reactivates disabled content of the game, revamps some dialogues and scenes to clarify the plot, and adds new content (scenes and end-game sidequests).

The latest version, v 2.0, contains two scenarios. The Type A scenario features the original game's progression and boss roster. It is meant to be a Polished Port of the vanilla game that rebalances the gameplay, adds Anti Frustration Features, reactivates the disabled content of the original game, adds some new content, improves the translation, and tweaks some scenes and dialogues to better clarify what's going on. The Type B scenario, while keeping the original game's general progression and end goal, proposes a remixed event progression and an alternate boss roster. It replaces some boss encounters and changes the details of some story events, but concludes the same way, and is recommanded to people who already finished the original game's story at least once.


An earlier version, v 1.5, is still being maintained alongside the latest build. Version 1.5 is less polished, but contains a different approach to balancing, and content that was cut from 2.0note . For simplicity's sake, unless stated otherwise, all the tropes listed below concern v 2.0.

Find more information about the mod, its updates, and download links on its topic on the forums or on Sega Chief's Twitter. A legal copy of Final Fantasy VII (either the 98 PC version or the Steam version) is required to use the mod.

Important note: only tropes that differ from the original game are listed below. Since most of the entries below will discuss the changes made by this mod, beware of spoilers. Obviously, there are also unmarked spoilers for the original game.

The Final Fantasy VII New Threat Mod provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • The mod adds models of all the current main characters with idle animations and dialogues in some of the towns and places: Kalm, the Chocobo Farm, Under Junon, Costa del Sol, the bridge right after Mount Corel's reactor on a first visit, Cosmo Canyon, the lake in which Aerith is buried, Icicle Inn, and Midgar on revisits. They can be interacted with, and it fleshes out some aspects of their personalities. For instance:
      • Tifa is sometimes found in the bars, and is shown to enjoy a good drink from time to time.
      • Since Aerith has lived all her life in Midgar, she's shown to be a little disconcerted when visiting small towns like Kalm or vast grassy lands like the Chocobo Farm. She admits that she's used to live in a big city like Midgar, and would only be comfortable living in such a place. Kalm is too quiet for her taste, for instance.
      • Yuffie enjoys making bad puns... and annoying Red XIII.
    • Several scenes have been restored or added. The biggest instances:
      • Yuffie's introduction features an event during which she tries to rob the party when they're staying at Kalm's inn, right after Cloud's flashback. An event which ends with the FIVE party members going after her and thrashing her. After the fight, she forces herself into the party.
      • There's a romantic optional scene between Cloud and Tifa in Icicle Inn's bar.
      • Some of the biggest ones of course involve Aerith during the events of Disks 2 and 3, if saved by the player. There's notably an optional conversation with her in Gast's House, her taking part in Tifa's and Barret's rescue disguised as a journalist, and another optional scene between her and Cloud after the flashback of Zack's death.
    • New enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses have been added at various parts of the game. The biggest example is, of course, the Guard Scorpion, who has become a Recurring Boss. In version 1.5, there are even brand new enemy formations and new enemies in most zones; though version 2.0 restored the vanilla enemy formations.
    • There are small end-game sidequests (usually Bonus Boss fights) unlocked after Hojo's death.
      • Vincent's fourth Limit Break is obtained after fighting Lucrecia, who has mutated due to the Jenova cells.
      • Yuffie's fourth Limit Break is obtained by returning to Wutai for another Dual Boss against Godo, then doing a second boss fight in the Cave of the Sacred Fire against the spirit of Da-Chao.
      • Getting Red XIII's fourth Limit Break involves returning into the Gi Cave and fighting an evil spirit taking Nanaki's appearance, in order for Red to see his father again.
      • Cait Sith's end-game small sidequest happens at the Temple of the Ancients. It features a boss fight against a One-Winged Angel version of a Cait Sith and another of his Moogle. For real.
      • To get Barret's ultimate weapon, the party has to go to Mount Corel's Reactor in order to fight one last time the Guard Scorpion, and to destroy it once and for all.
    • Each secret Materia of the Materia Caves is now protected by an optional secret boss.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • Yuffie is recruited right after Cloud's flashback, as she's trying to rob the group while they're staying at Kalm's inn, while in the original game she can only be met after the Mythril Mine.
    • In the Type B scenario, Tifa is present from the beginning as part of the team striking the Mako Reactor number 1 while in the vanilla game she only appears at Sector 7.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Heavily downplayed. In the Type B scenario, Shinra merely sends soldiers to search Sector 7 and capture AVALANCHE, instead of dropping the plate on the slums and killing many citizens. They still do all the other horrible things they do in the vanilla game though.
  • Angst? What Angst?: In-Universe. If saved, Aerith isn't shown to be particularly traumatized by her near death at the hands of Sephiroth. The first time she directly mentions it is if Cloud tries to give her the Black Materia. Even then, it's basically to comment that she doesn't want to take it because the score between her and him is 0–1 in favor of Sephiroth, so she doesn't want to tempt fate.
  • Anti-Frustration Feature:
    • The Materia menu is unlocked right after the first fight, and more types of Materia are available from the early parts of the game.
    • A few more save points have been added, and the save point of the Gold Saucer is now free. There's also the opportunity to save between each stage of the final battle.
    • The player is warned when a new Fort Condor battle is available. There's also an NPC that will spawn in the current area. Talking to him gives the option to instantly transport to Fort Condor, and then to once again be transported back to the current area, which spares a lot of back-tracking.
    • Some of the lengthy plot-heavy flashbacks or scenes can be skipped to make replays less tedious.
    • The infamously tedious puzzle of the Giant Clock Room in the Temple of the Ancients can be skipped: There's an option to spawn platforms allowing to access all the rooms at the same time.
    • For those who were annoyed by Tifa's sudden wimpy moment during the infamous "slap fight" with Scarlet, the mod adds a "Limit Break" choice option. Choosing it will have Tifa utterly waste Scarlet with martial arts moves and instantly win the fight.
    • For those who consider Chocobo-breeding a tedious, annoying side-quest, Kalm's traveler now awards a Golden Chocobo in exchange for the Guide Book.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • A downplayed case with Yuffie and Vincent. They are now mandatory party members, not optional ones like in the original. However, most of their screentime consists of the content that is already in the vanilla game, though Yuffie's introduction is featured in a new scene of her trying to rob the party during their stay at Kalm's inn... a theft which prompts the FIVE party members to go after her and beat her up during a rather one-sided boss fight.
    • Arguably, this also happens to Aerith. Since the mod features the option to save her, AND the story takes that fact into account, she can therefore physically appear in the rest of the game. She will be part of the team during group meetings, will have lines of dialogues, can be interacted with, and there are even extended scenes featuring her. For instance, she will actively take part in Barret's and Tifa's rescue during the their public execution, disguised as journalist, knocking Scarlet out with a chair, and basically taking Yuffie's place as Barret's and Cait Sith's third teammate during this portion of the game. There are also optional conversations between her and Cloud in Gast's house at Icicle Inn and after the flashback of Zack's death.
    • Downplayed with Tseng, whose survival is confirmed in the mod who shows up as a boss in front of the Rocket when Cloud and his team try to retrieve the Mega-Materia.
    • The Guard Scorpion becomes a recurring boss, to the point of being a Running Gag.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In-Universe, the party dismisses the Bonus Boss of Cait Sith's endgame sidequest as a bad trip, and agrees to never mention it again.
  • Death by Adaptation: In the original game, Lucrecia's fate is left ambiguous. In this mod, if one does the corresponding sidequest, the party is forced to Mercy Kill her after she's no longer able to resist the influence of the Jenova cells in her body, and mutates into a monster.
  • Demoted to Extra: Reno in the Type B scenario. In the vanilla game, Reno is something akin to a Starter Villain as far as Shinra is concerned: he's responsible for Aerith and Cloud teaming up when he tries to capture her in the church, and he's the first Shinra executive who's directly confronted. However, in the Type B scenario, Rude is the one who's confronted in Aerith's church and the whole subplot of Shinra trying to destroy Sector 7 is dropped. The optional fight against Reno and Rude in Gongaga is also dropped, replaced by a fight against one of Scarlet's robots. Therefore, it means that all of Reno's main appearances in Disk 1 have been removed, save for the optional Wutai sidequest.
  • Funny Background Event: Party members can be found in some places doing funny things. For instance, Red XIII will be running around in Chocobo Farm's fields like a regular dog. During the scene on the bridge right after the first visit to Mount Corel's Reactor, Yuffie is shown fishing with Red XIII in the background.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Jenova-LIFE resurrects Aerith to use her as an ally during the boss fight. However, it also means that if the player manages to beat Jenova while keeping her alive, then after the fight, Cloud and his friends will be able to prevent her death.
  • Interface Spoiler: The Soul Point system's menu spoils several things about the vanilla game that veteran players already know anyway. The first Soul Point is given after the fight against Jenova-BIRTH, but the menu already reveals the names of future party members Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid. Moreover, since Aerith can only receive the upgrade two times while it's four times for everyone else, it's easy to guess that she won't stay in the party forever. Later subverted when it turns out that this menu cleverly hides another huge spoiler that will take a veteran player by surprise: you can, in fact, save Aerith. Had the menu shown from the start that she can receive four upgrades, it would probably have tipped off someone who knows the game well.
  • In Spite of a Nail: While it changes the details of some events, the mod still keeps the original game's general progression.
    • In the Type A scenario, even if the player prevents Aerith's death, the rest of the game's events will remain roughly the same.
    • The Type B scenario changes some narrative events, but concludes the same way as the original game. The main plot points still happen, but the details of some events leading to them change.
      • Cloud and Aerith try to meet Don Corneo like in the vanilla game, but it's to get a way to go to Sector 7 in spite of Shinra's blockade, not to help Tifa.
      • AVALANCHE still has to infiltrate Shinra's Headquarter. However, this time it's not to save Aerith, but to save Tifa and Elmyra who were captured and used as hostages by Shinra. Aerith herself is actually part of the rescue team.
  • Marathon Boss: Jenova-DEATH. The boss fight starts with Jenova still using Sephiroth's appearance, which is easy. However, after this form is destroyed, the real battle begins. Jenova-DEATH has a huge amount of HP (40,000), with the gimmick that its defenses start high, and are progressively lowered after each hit, turning the fight into a true endurance match.
  • Nintendo Hard: Actually Averted. While the mod's goal is to make the fights more challenging, in its normal difficulty, the game remains fairly reasonable as long as the player knows what they're doing. To quote the creator, the intended difficulty is "midcore". Played Straight with the hard difficulty setting.
  • Pet the Dog: Almost whenever Yuffie and Red XIII are shown together during their idle dialogues in town, the former is shown pestering the latter. However, in Under Junon during the events of Disk 3, she will earnestly propose to accompany him so that he won't be alone when he mentions that he intends to continue traveling after they defeat Sephiroth.
  • Recurring Boss: The very first boss, the Guard Scorpion, has been turned into one. In the Type A scenario, it is fought two times in Reactor 1 (though the second time it can't attack; it's just trying to stall for time). Then, upgraded Guard Scorpions will show up from time to time as mandatory or optional mini-bosses.note  There's even the implication that it's always the same one and keeps getting rebuilt over and over again.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Version 2.0 makes several to Final Fantasy VII Remake.
      • If Aerith has been saved by the player, she will take part in the rescue operation to save Tifa and Barret when they're prisoners in Junon, disguised as a journalist. She'll knock out Scarlet with a chair, a clear reference to the famous scene of Aerith hitting one of Corneo's goons over the head with a chair in the remake.
      • The Bonus Boss of Cait Sith's endgame sidequest is called the "Arbiter of Cait".note 
      • In the Type B scenario, Cloud's and Aerith's plan to meet Don Corneo is to win a fighting tournament. There are even Kotch and Scotch as commentators, and the Hell House is the final opponent and mini-boss of the tournament.
    • Diamond Weapon's ultimate skill is called Diamond is Unbreakable.
    • One of the Cait Siths in Cait Sith's endgame sidequest repeats: "I'm sharpening my knife, kupo!"
    • Kalm's traveler dreams of traveling the world as a spoony bard.
    • The final opponent of Battle Arena's Special Fight is none other than the legendary Ziegfried. Kidding. It's actually Gilgamesh. Because... "For Gilgamesh – It's Cameo Time!"
    • The Type B scenario slightly changes the events of Mount Nibel, and has Shinra Troopers trying to stop Cloud and his party. The one at the top of the bridge exclaims: "It's over AVALANCHE! I have the high ground!"
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • It is possible to prevent Aerith's death. The story will take that fact into account, and she will take part in the remaining events of the game.
    • In the Type B scenario, due to the fact that Shinra doesn't enact the whole "drop-the-Plate" plan, all the citizens of Sector 7 as well as Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie survive.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Averted with some Materia, due to the gameplay and the stats having been tweaked. The "Destruct" Materia is less situational, as more bosses try to buff or protect themselves, and poison can be a saving grace against some bosses. The "Gravity" materia is also more useful, as some bosses are not immune to it.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are Spared by the Adaptation in the Type B scenario, but more or less disappear from the plot after the infiltration of Shinra Headquarters with no mention of their whereabouts. Barret lampshades it during his conversation in Cosmo Canyon, during which he wonders if they're still fighting in Midgar, or if they chose to hide.

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