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Video Game / Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime

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Once upon a spacetime there was a young knight who went on a brave adventure...
As your Royal father's last hope, battle, loot and upgrade your way through the galaxy. Engage space-knights in challenging close combat, explore a storybook-like retro-futuristic universe and save the kingdom from the dreadful Void Lords who stole the Sun.
Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is an Action RPG/Roguelite hybrid developed and published by British-Hungarian independent video game studio Spiritus Games. In this artistic mashup of the Middle Ages, folktales, and outer space, you play as the youngest prince of a dying empire in an attempt to discipline the treasonous vassals of your father and return your lands to prosperity. Pilot a space mecha wielding vibro-swords, exploding crossbows, and cyber-magic in a fusion of Star Control and Dark Souls as you dodge, parry, and outmaneuver the mecha and monsters pillaging the Little-Prince-like asteroid fields.
You're not alone. The king, in his astronomicon-induced stupor, has the power to resurrect you via time travel, at the cost of mucking things up in the space-time continuum. Your ship's AI, a talking knight chess piece installed on your family's sword, will help you predict the long-term consequences of your actions. As you explore the FTL: Faster Than Light-esque map and assist both commoners and nobles with valiant ''Hand of Fate"-like side-quests, you'll gain access to a variety of weapons, tools, upgrades, healing items, and even vassals. Just don't run out of fuel.
Will you blaze a path through courage and honor, or will the cold reality of the cosmos sink into the heart of your ship... again?
It is set to release in 2022-2023 on PC via Steam and consoles at a later date.

General Tropes

  • Big Bad Multiumvirate: The Void Lords have stolen and caged the kingdom's Sun, plunging the local star system into darkness.
  • Feudal Future: The king wields access to a supercomputer which can bend the fabric of space-time. Everyone lives in cyber-stone castles built on tiny asteroids.
  • Science Fantasy: There's no better way to describe Medieval Fantasy in Space. Knights pilot spacefaring mecha armed with medieval weaponry, while engineering and magic work side-by-side.