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Video Game / Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime

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Once upon a spacetime there was a young knight who went on a brave adventure...
As your Royal father's last hope, battle, loot and upgrade your way through the galaxy. Engage space-knights in challenging close combat, explore a storybook-like retrofuturistic universe and save the kingdom from the dreadful Void Lords who stole the Sun.
Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is an Action RPG/Roguelite hybrid developed and published by British-Hungarian independent video game studio Spiritus Games. In this artistic mashup of the Middle Ages, folktales and outer space, you take on a hero's journey as the King's youngest child. You explore the furthest corners of the galaxy in your trusty spacecraft and engage other space-faring knights and creatures in battle using a unique, techno-fantasy themed skillset.

Explore a randomly generated universe of hidden secrets and grave dangers by traveling on a galactic starmap, where each place yields a new encounter. Plan your exploration well and be mindful of your choices. Resources and friends are scarce in Fabular's deep space, and they can make or break your adventure. The adventure part of the game is influenced by modern day rogue-likes such as FTL: Faster Than Light and Hand of Fate.
Control your spacecraft directly from a top-down view, and use the skills and equipment of your spaceship tactically to overcome the enemy. The combat system is deep and challenging with large 'build' variety. The battle part is inspired by the Star Control series and Dark Souls.
The outcome of battles depend largely on the condition and equipment of your ship. There is only so far your action skills can take you, if you are not equipped for the situation, you will likely perish. After each battle you get some form of loot (currency, resources or items) which can be used to upgrade your ship, trade at shops or enhance your battle gear. The management portion of the game draws inspiration from such classic Action-RPGs as Diablo and Path of Exile.
It is set to release in 2021 on PC via Steam and consoles at a later date.

General Tropes

  • Big Bad Multiumvirate: The Void Lords have stolen and caged the kingdom's Sun, so the kingdom can be shrouded in darkness.
  • Science Fantasy: Describing the skillset as techno-fantasy in the game's combat for example.