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Executioners is a DOS game made by Ethan Petty and Icer Addis of Bloodlust Software in 1992. This was their first game, and it did sell relatively well at that time.

Psycho Ed, no, Cannibal Ed Bujone has come up with Atomic Food Products, which is mutating unfortunate souls into monsters. But never fear, the government has a program of professional killers named Reaper and Guillotine. These two will swoop down to save the day!

This video game contains examples of:

  • Catchphrase: Ed has one, and it goes like this, "So much meat, so little time!"
  • Dynamic Entry: Roadkill, the level 1 boss, is hit by a car and sent flying to the end of the level where you are. Mega-Midget(s), the level 4 boss, flies in like Superman, yelling "Midget Power!" Hell Knight, the level 5 boss(es) will come charging in. For the levels 4 and 5, you must stand in the right spot so that the D.E.s don't hit you and make you lose health.
  • Elite Mooks: There's two of them, one with a mullet/mohawk, and the other other looks like Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Both of them are big, can take a lot of hits, and and dish out some serious damage. You get to fight four of these guys as the boss(es) of Level 8.
  • Enemy Summoner: The level 3 boss, Blobba The Butt, actually spits out two Fat Snakes at a time! The fourth level boss Mega-Midget(s) can cry out "Midgets, attack!" and bring in four or six Midget-Men to help him out.
  • Fat Bastard: Fat Snakes, who are Mooks that are fat and have a snake-like tongue. The level 3 boss Blobba The Butt is even fatter than the Fat Snakes! In fact, if you grab BTB, don't try to throw him, or else you'll lose health...probably because he's too heavy to lift up!
  • Final Boss: Psycho/Cannibal Ed Bujone. He is tough to take down.
  • Gorn: There is some, but not to the level of Time Slaughter!
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Reaper and Guillotine. They chopped the head off of a surfer dude who thought they were part of a costume party. However, like their other games, Bloodlust Software intends this to be Played for Laughs.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Psycho Ed (now called Cannibal Ed Bujone) is a Cajun cannibal chef. You don't actually see him eat anybody, though.
  • Immune to Bullets: As level 2 shows, the boss Mr. Mojo is completely unaffected by sub-machine gun bullets. You'll have to resort to punches and kicks to take him down.
  • Jack of All Stats: Reaper is essentially this. He moves pretty fast, can take a number of hits, and dish out a reasonable amount of damage.
  • Joker Immunity: The ending has Ed supposedly die in an explosion. However, as Reaper and Guillotine celebrate their victory at a restaurant, they discover to their horror that their waiter is none other than Ed!
  • King Mook: Mega-Midget(s), the boss of level 4 is basically a Midget-Man buffed up and the size of the Elite Mooks.
  • Mighty Glacier: Guillotine is basically this. He's pretty slow, his jumping power is virtually useless, but he can deal out a lot of damage if he grabs his opponent and punches away at that.
  • Mini Mook: You have the Midget-Men and the Midget-Mice, who come in swarms and are quick nasty. You must grab them and throw them as soon as you can.
  • Nintendo Hard: Oh, yes, it is! Enemies can swarm on you pretty hard. The bosses have some pretty cheap moves in store for you. In fact, with the bosses, your best bet is to grab them just as they finish their attack, whale on them, and repeat this until they go down. The game was so difficult that even the creators themselves had to include debug cheat codes in order to playtest it properly.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: The Midget-Men may be small, but when they yell "Midget Power!" and fly at you like Superman, they will knock you down and chip away some of your health.
  • Take That Me: One of the people behind the Bloodlust Software website states that they thought the game was professional quality at the time, but now they feel that it's just ugly.