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Evergrace is an Action RPG made in the year 2000 for the PlayStation 2, created by FromSoftware and published by Agetec in North America and Ubisoft/Crave Entertainment in the PAL Region.

It follows the story of Darius and Sharline, two separate characters with separate playable stories, sort of like Threads of Fate from Square-Enix which came out about a year before.

The two characters have a mark on them called a crest which is considered cursed.

One day, they somehow find themselves in the magical world of Rieubane, where the empire at least is considered to be that of a fairy tale.

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  • Big Bad: Appears to be the magician Morpheus.
  • Distinguishing Mark: The Crest, whose bearers are subject to misfortune.
  • Magikarp Power: Zul's Toy is a toy hammer which becomes a Lethal Joke Item (and the most powerful weapon, capable of defeating the final boss in about two hits) when you upgrade it twice.
  • Nice Hat: It features many nice hats, which are also quite beneficial since normal clothing works just like armor, just with less durability. Fear be-hatted catgirl Sharline, FEAR.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: the jokey or downright strange looking (calling someone from this series pants-on-head retarded could be disturbingly accurate) weapons and armor, ranging from a frying pan WITH the bacon and eggs still in it, to a bird's nest with the bird still in it (worn as a helmet), to a downed tree (the 'sacred pole', which is about 20 feet long and when not in use is off the edge of the screen), to a random globe you find on someone's desk, to a fanservice-y bit of armor which is just two straps with gigantic pauldrons all megaboost one or more stats. (keep also in mind they can be upgraded and utilized like normal equipment too. The shopkeeper even calls you out on it. "YOU want to upgrade THAT? You're weird.") However, the best all-round builds with an even increase in stats are all plain and generic armor of sorts. And the best full set in the game only looks out of place because this is a medieval fantasy game. (It's a suit of futuristic armor that resembles one of the Armored Core hover leg mechas). Since a good amount of enemies have an immunity to one form of attack or another, using a ridiculous-looking build to Min Max just a couple stats leads to a lot of 0 damage hits on some areas. (An interesting gameplay quirk is that armor that boosts attack doesn't just boost attack, but one of the three kinds of melee attacks too, piercing, chopping, slashing. Whatever is the highest becomes your 'main physical attribute' and determines what is immune to you)